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Here’s How To Solve Brexit – Use A Waterjet

Friday 29th March 2019

Whichever side of the divide you fall on, you have to feel that the whole Brexit process, or non process, is not going as smoothly as it might have done. At the time of writing, after more than two years of trying to work out how to leave the EU, it seems we are no… Read More

May The (Water Jet Cutting Force) Be With You.

Friday 15th March 2019

What does water jet cutting have to do with Star Wars? Not a lot is your likely answer, or maybe you think we’re about to make a tenuous link about how Luke Skywalker should have used a water jet cutting beam rather than a laser for his lightsaber – water jet cutting is ten times… Read More

Is There Anything A Waterjet Cannot Cut?

Thursday 28th February 2019
stop sign

Waterjet cutting is known for its versatility and ability to cut through almost any material, but does even this technology have limits? Are there things a water jet cannot cut through? At TMC Waterjet, we are the UK’s leading water jet cutters, we have machines with huge water pressure, 87,000 PSI delivered through a small… Read More

How To Choose A Water Jet Cutter

Friday 15th February 2019

Water jet cutting has emerged as the leading technology for a large proportion of cutting jobs. It can cut with great accuracy, it can cut to greater depth than technologies such as laser and it can also cut complex three-dimensional parts. However, how do you choose a water jet cutting company. At TMC Water jet,… Read More

Three Dimensional Water Jet Cutting

Tuesday 15th January 2019
Water Jet Cutting

Modern water jet cutting machines are capable of cutting complex three-dimensional parts in one fluid motion. This cutting method cuts down on time, potentially expense and also ensures greater accuracy. In this post we will talk about three dimensional water jet cutting, the advantages and embed a video of this technology in action. What is… Read More

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