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Water Jet Cutting F1 Parts

Thursday 13th February 2014
F1 Rake Frame

When you think of F1 (Formula1), you think of technology, innovation, precision and power. When the Force India F1 team came knocking we were understandably intrigued and excited. We received drawings and detailed requirements which enabled us to produce a quotation for the production of a part which wouldn’t look out of place on the… Read More

Boux Avenue

Thursday 16th January 2014

There can’t be many people who would think of a premium lingerie company and a industrial water jet cutting company in the same context. Theo Paphitis’s Boux Avenue wanted a dramatic entrance statement for their shops to reflect and match the quality and finish of the lingerie. Porcelain floor tiles, notoriously difficult to cut were… Read More

Cutting Thick Aluminium

Monday 23rd December 2013

Cutting thick aluminium  is by no means an easy feat but if you have a water jet cutter thats a different story. Take a large 230 mm thick, 70 kilo block of aluminium and convert it into an engine part. Easy right? For TMC, yes it is! Conventional machining would produce massive amounts of swarf and… Read More

Cutting Titanium Heat Exchangers

Tuesday 3rd September 2013

TMC water jet were approached by a titanium fabricator with an unusual request to help manufacture parts to be fabricated into titanium heat exchangers for an offshore application. The first part, producing 25mm thick titanium blanks, was straightforward. These were then rolled into half rings and returned for further water jet cutting. The next process… Read More

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