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Water Jet Cutting- The Key Benefits

Saturday 21st November 2015

Water Jet Cutting is fast emerging as the go-to choice for the majority of cutting jobs, ranging from simple, quick cuts of a single material to more complex and demanding  jobs. What are the key advantages though? Here we list the main reasons water jet cutting is now so popular. Cost and speed Cost and… Read More

Water Jet Cutting v Laser Cutting

Friday 30th October 2015

Who doesn’t love a classic match-up. Real Madrid v Barcelona; Ali v Foreman; Alien vs Predator. And you can throw a new one into the mix – water jet cutting v laser cutting. Which is the best? (Spoiler alert, it’s water jet cutting – here’s why) Water Jet v Laser: Cost Water Jet cutting is… Read More

Water Jet Cutting – Six Unusual Jobs

Monday 12th October 2015

There are very few materials which can’t be cut accurately and efficiently through water jet cutting. At TMC, we have decades of experience – if it can be cut, we can cut it. Here are six unusual items we have cut – we can do the more ordinary too though. 1) Formula 1 parts. Watch the… Read More

All your Questions About Water Jet Cutting Answered

Thursday 1st October 2015

What exactly is water jet cutting, what can you cut, what are the advantages, when isn’t it suitable? In this blog post we’ll run through all the common questions we get at TMC about water jet cutting – from how it came into being, to how it’s used in modern manufacturing and design. And if… Read More

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