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Five Waterjet Cutting Projects From Our Past

Wednesday 10th April 2024

The TMC waterjet cutting blog is now more than a decade old, that is a lot of writing about the leading cutting technology. Don’t worry, we won’t be testing you on every post. However, we thought it would be interesting to look back at a few of our early posts and remind ourselves of some… Read More

Advancements in Waterjet Cutting Technology: What’s Next?

Friday 22nd March 2024

Waterjet cutting technology is the preeminent cutting technology, but those working in this industry are not looking to stand still. There is a sense that it can be improved further still. At TMC Waterjet, we are proud to be among the UK’s leading experts in water jet cutting and so take a keen interest in… Read More

Cracking Rock Fracturing with Water Jets

Sunday 10th March 2024

One of the great advances made to water jet cutting was the addition of an abrasive element, this turning the water into a cutting force that could make light of virtually any material. However, we recently read about one very specific example in which pure water cutting can still be preferable to abrasive water jet… Read More

Leonardo Da Vinci and water jet cutting

Sunday 25th February 2024

Born in 1452, Leonardo Da Vinci was the pre-eminent thinker of his time. His inventions are legendary, his artwork astonishing. Much of the modern world is thanks to his foresight, indeed he worked out concepts centuries before they would ever go into production. It is therefore little surprise to learn that he was one of… Read More

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