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Leonardo Da Vinci and water jet cutting

Sunday 25th February 2024

Born in 1452, Leonardo Da Vinci was the pre-eminent thinker of his time. His inventions are legendary, his artwork astonishing. Much of the modern world is thanks to his foresight, indeed he worked out concepts centuries before they would ever go into production. It is therefore little surprise to learn that he was one of… Read More

Huge expansion in water jet cutting predicted

Thursday 25th January 2024
giant question mark

Water jet cutting, already the favoured technology used for cutting parts in many industries, is set to see extraordinary growth over the next decade. That is the finding from Research Nester, which has analysed the global market and worked to predict future usage based on changing industry demands. The research suggests a rate of 5%… Read More

Water Jet Cutting – Helping to cut waste

Monday 8th January 2024

Water jet cutting is known to cut metal, plastic, stone and pretty much any other material you care to name but there is one other thing it is amazing at cutting too. Waste. By using water jet cutting, less of a resource is needlessly thrown away, this of huge benefit to the bottom line but… Read More

The Incredible Power of 1950s Water Jet Cutting

Wednesday 20th December 2023
wanter jet cutting in action

In the 1950s, a water jet cutting system was developed that could reach a pressure – measured in psi – of 100,000psi. Modern machines do not typically reach this figure – so what happened? Why was the 1950s version so powerful and why is less power needed now?

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