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Different Types of Water Jet Cutting Machines

Friday 29th July 2022
wanter jet cutting in action

How many types of water jet cutting machine can you name? We imagine the answer to this is going to be in the form of binary – a 1 or a 0. However, there is actually a wide range of machines as we will explore below, with the help of a handy video.

Is Water Jet Cutting Safe?

Tuesday 5th July 2022
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Recently, we were asked if water jet cutting is safe. Our answer would be a qualified yes. Yes, it is safe, assuming you know what you are doing and follow safety precautions.

Water Jet Cutting Cleaning Up

Friday 1st July 2022
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Could water jet cutting technology be used as an environmentally-friendly way to clean parts for industry? A recent study had us pondering this question. The results showed that not only could water jet technology be used for cleaning, it may also be hugely advantageous to do so.

Water Jet Cutting In School

Tuesday 14th June 2022

Cast your mind back to when you were in school – what did the CDT, or design suite (or shed perhaps) have in stock? We think back to some pretty rudimentary metalwork machinery, equipment that might be OK for making a fork or a crowbar, but probably not so hot for making parts for an… Read More

Water Jet Cutting and Advances in Medical Care

Friday 20th May 2022
wanter jet cutting in action

Of all the practical uses for water jet cutting, few can match the importance of using this technology in the field of medical care. We wrote a few years back of how water jet cutting was increasingly being embraced by the medical profession and we are delighted that this trend has continued. The technology is… Read More

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