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Water Jet Cutting – Doing God’s Work

Saturday 1st August 2020

In the UK, there are only an estimated 600 blacksmiths – this presents a bit of a problem when you need a blacksmith’s services. Fortunately, in some circumstances, a water jet cutter can come to the rescue! Let’s explain how. We were contacted by the vicar at the Parish Church in Heckington who was in… Read More

Water Jet Cutting In Slow Motion

Monday 20th July 2020
Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting utilises incredibly technology to take something as simple as a jet of water and turn it into form of cutting preferred by industry.  We do, however, appreciate that it might not be the technology that garners the most interest on social media; videos of water jet cutting rarely go viral. What is… Read More

Water Jet Cutting: Abrasive vs Pure Water Jet Cutting

Wednesday 8th July 2020

There are two key types of water jet cutting – abrasive and pure with each suitable for a different range of applications. In this post, we outline the key differences. The Main Difference Between Abrasive and Pure Water Jet Cutting Pure water jet cutting is just that, it is only water to make the cut,… Read More

Comparing Water Jet Cutting vs Plasma Cutting

Saturday 20th June 2020

On this site, we have compared water jet cutting and laser cutting as this tends to be the most common query for anyone unsure which cutting technology to choose. However, plasma cutting is a third option, so how does this compare? In this post we will quickly run through the pros and cons. What is… Read More

Water Jet Cutting – Did You Know

Wednesday 10th June 2020

How much do you know about water jet cutting? You probably know that it is a technology that sues water, mixed with an abrasive garnet to cut through materials. You may know that it is a form of cutting that does not damage the cut edge. You might also know that it can cut to… Read More

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