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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know A Water Jet Cutter Could Cut

Water Jet cutting is the leading cutting technology; that much is well established, but just what can you cut with a water jet?

You might guess metal and plastic and you’d be right – but there are many more things too and there might be a few surprises in there.

Here are 10 things you might not know a water jet can cut.

Oh, but before the list, if you have anything that needs cutting, if you require accuracy, speed and a fair price please get in touch with us at TMC, we’re one of the UK’s leading water jet cutters. You can call us on 01625 610 441 or hit the contact us page on this site.

Anyway, on to the list..

1) Food

Yes, really. Water jets are increasingly used in food production. The cutting is sterile, it is extremely accurate and no heat is created, so there is no damage to any food stuff being cut.

Water jets are used to cut everything from meat to lettuce to chocolate to pizza. Umm, pizza; that’s made us hungry.


2) Art

Not the paint on canvas style of art, but sculptures, beautiful floors and art installations.

Water jet cutting can help make an artist’s vision a reality, the technology means the artist can focus on being creative, then using the water jet cutting to create the actual piece rather than having to sculpt by hand.

Of course, if you see the struggle as part of the art you might not be such a fan of water-jet created art!


3) Steel bars.

Or any other thick bars for that matter.

You might think water jets cant be al that powerful, especially when compared to fancy things like lasers, but actually the opposite is true. While a laser can cut through a reasonably impressive 2.5 centimetres of metals and plastics, water jets can cut through 10 times that depth.

That’s 25 centimetres of solid metal they can cut through – that’s thicker about as think as a leg, a big metal leg at that.


4) Regulations and red tape.

We’ve tried to be clever here. We don’t just mean the physical regulations – cutting through paper is easy for a water jet (and no, the paper wouldn’t go all soggy).

What we mean is that water jets are kind to the environment; it’s water with a safe abrasive mixed in after all.

Other technologies create heat and waste and generally use more energy in total. With environmental concerns quite rightly ever more to the fore, using the technology which is kindest to the planet will only become more appealing to regulators.


5) Laptops, bowling balls, jumbo fidget spinners

Water jets are generally put to use cutting parts for clients, however a few people out there are also having fun with them.

The Water Jet Channel on YouTube has loads of fun videos of them dissecting items, testing water jet cutting functionality to the full.

There’s also a video of a dead tarantula being dissected by water jet, but we haven’t had the nerve to click on that one…

The Water Jet Channel.


6) Bullet proof glass

Speaking of the Water Jet Cutting channel, can a water jet cut through bullet proof glass; glass that can withstand dozens of rounds being fired at it?

Watch this video and find out…


7) Complex three-dimensional parts

Typically with cutting technologies, you might imagine them cutting a flat shape. If you wanted a more complex part it used to involve additional cuts, essentially a cutting job in stages; cut in one axis, then move the part and cut on another axis. And repeat.

This approach took time and also made errors more likely.

Water jet cutting tackles this by using a cutting head that ca move in multiple axis, meaning that even the most complex of 3D parts can be cut in one fluid motion.

If you can design it, it can be cut. (Within reason!)


8) Parts for small businesses and individuals.

These great big cutting heads, this technology – it’s only used for big business; right?

Wrong! Or at least wrong if you’re dealing with a company such as ours, one that is happy to work with clients of any size (we just love cutting stuff.)

A couple of examples – we have worked with train enthusiasts looking to make replicas of classic engines; we even helped out when a church needed a replacement key cutting – it wasn’t the type of key you can take to the local Timpsons.


9) Wasted time

OK, we’ve tried to be clever again.

One of the advantages of water jets is how quick the turnaround can be. The fact they can cut complex parts in one go, the fact the state of the art software drives the head, ensuring perfection at speed.

Parts can be turned round typically in just a few days, but if the need is even more pressing than that get in touch to see whether we can offer an expedited service. That said, if the need is that pressing, why have you just read this blog?


10) We’d like to throw number 10 over to you.

What do you think a water jet can cut, or what’s something it couldn’t cut?

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