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5 Amazing Water Jet Cutting Videos That Will Shock You

They say seeing is believing, well, let’s apply that to water jet cutting.

Here are five stunning videos that demonstrate the power of water jet cutting, the versatility of this technology and also, in one example, how YouTubers use water jet cutting just to make cool videos.

  1. Depth of cut

We have written many times about how water jet cutting can cut to greater depth than other technologies, how it can cut through 25 cm of virtually any material, 10 times the depth of laser.

However, what does this look like in reality?

Here is a video of a water jet cutting through eight-inch think stainless steel.


2. Accuracy of cut

Water jet cutting might be most commonly used in industry but it is also a cutting method helping to turn artists’ visions into reality.

At TMC Waterjet, we have worked on projects for the Victoria ands Albert Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery, around the world others have used water jets to create other stunning pieces.

The video below gives some wonderful examples of how water jet cutting can produce the most intricate of patterns.




3) Water jet cutting food

When water jets were first used to cut little thought would have been given to future applications. However, the fact that the jet is sterile brings in some huge benefits.

Water jet cutting can be used in food processing and, in years to come, is likely to come to dominate in this sector.

The video below is a good introduction.



4. Water jet cutting diamonds

We often get asked what water jets can cut and our response can be to just mention what can’t be cut – diamonds and not much else.

However, even diamonds can be cut if the water jet is powerful enough, as this video demonstrates.




5. There will be fire…

This one has no real practical purpose, but it makes a good video.

From high School chemistry you might remember that water and sodium creates a reaction. Water jet cutting and pure sodium creates smoke, fire, and a superb HD viewing experience.


About TMC

At TMC Water Jet, we have machines that utilise the latest technology, creating water pressure of 87,000 PSI and also have XD cutting – that enhanced ability to cut in multiple directions and axes.

This has seen us work with everyone from leaders in the aviation industry and other industries where accuracy is of critical importance through to artists, small businesses and even a vicar who needed new keys for the Parish church.

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