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Why Waterjet Cutting Is Perfect For Small Jobs

When a technology is suitable for large industry and extremely complex jobs, there can be an assumption that this means it is less suited to smaller tasks.

The thinking would go, if the technology can service huge jobs for large clients, bringing in considerable revenue, would they have either the capacity of inclination to work on smaller projects?

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In some cases this fear would be justified. However, with water jet cutting it is actually an irrelevance. Water jet cutting can cope with the most complex of cutting jobs, it can cut through 25cm thick sheets of metal for the largest industries., Water jet cutting is used in industries such as aviation and the automotive industry.

It is also used to produce art and to cut parts for individuals and small businesses – and it is the same water jet cutting machines doing all these types of jobs.

How is this possible?

The Most Versatile of Cutting Technologies

Water jet cutting’s ability to facilitate a huge range of jobs lies in its versatility and how easy it is to switch projects.

With mechanical cutting, for instance, there can be a need to change manual settings and to. Make major changes to machine set-up before embarking on another job. For water jet cutting, this is not the case.

If we take a typical scenario – there are consecutive cutting jobs booked in that have nothing in common. The first one might be to cut metal for parts for a plane, the second one to cut porcelain tiles for an art exhibition.

A modern water jet cutting facility can carry out both jobs with almost no downtime in-between and the switch to the smaller, second job, does not prevent the next job from being a switch back to one for industry.

The water jet cutting head is agnostic, it cuts based on the inputs it receives from sophisticated software. For the cutting of metal it will cut with one water pressure, this can be very different from the pressure for the second job, but the switch is automatic. This change in pressure is also what enables the cutting head to switch from cutting straight through a material to simply engraving it.

Because there is no contact between cutting head and part being cut, it doesn’t matter what is being cut. High-pressure mixed with abrasive garnet is sent from the cutting head and this cuts the part as required.

This ability to switch effortlessly between jobs also leads to fair billing. There is no need to add in extra time for switching between jobs and so smaller jobs won’t face an unfair premium simply because they don’t utilise much cutting time. A 10-minute job can be fitted in between two much larger jobs without this being problematic.

Variety is Enjoyable

Water jet cutting companies also enjoy undertaking a range of jobs because it adds interest – that is certainly the case at TMC Waterjet,

As leading UK water jet cutters, we could simply carry out jobs for large industries but we enjoy being able to fit in smaller jobs without harming our ability to work on those big projects.

While they might not be the jobs our accountant remembers, some of our most memorable cutting jobs have been ones that were out the ordinary. They are also the jobs that we have written about in the past – working with a leading artist to produce a piece for the Whitworth Art Gallery, helping to spruce up the V&A Museum and enabling a Star Wars fan to create lifelike replicable helmets.

We also recently worked on a public art exhibition I Switzerland, that one was a little unexpected for a water jet cutting company in North west England.

Jobs bigs or small, get in touch

If you have a job that may be suitable for water jet cutting, contact a company to get a quote as a comparison, the chances are it will be highly competitive compared to other options and the turnaround times might also beat those available elsewhere.

If you would like an obligation-free conversation about your requirements, even to discuss whether water jet cutting is a suitable option, please contact us. At TMC, we are the UK’s leading water jet cutters and have the latest equipment, this ensuring we can carry out all jobs efficiently and competitively.


About TMC Water Jet

AT TMC Water Jet, we are a leading UK water jet cutter with clients across the UK and, increasingly Europe. We pride ourselves on bringing unmatched quality to jobs of all sizes for clients across every sector.

We work with major industries, so too with artists and small businesses.

At our state of the art facility, we have high pressure water jets capable of 87,000 PSI, we were also the first in the UK to introduce XD Cutting, this a cutting head that can move through multiple axis and so perform the most complex, delicate of cuts in a single process.

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