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A Water Jet Cutter On The Cheap!

Can you make a water jet cutting machine on the cheap and out of a pressure washer? It turns out that you can, although that does not mean we’re recommending anyone tries it!

We love a story like this!

At TMC Waterjet we are not only the UK’s leading water jet cutters, we are also water jet cutting enthusiasts.

When there’s a quirky story about water jet cutting, we have to read it.

In this video from Applied Science, you can see how their team made a water jet cutter from a £100 pressure washer and by adding some cheap garnet (the cutting abrasive) from eBay.


The machine works too – cutting through metal and plastic and more, as shown in the video (we won’t spoil it by listing everything cut!)

Water Jet Cutting – Accelerated Erosion

It might not be the most powerful of machines or have the accuracy demanded for most jobs, but it is fully functional and can make efficient cuts.

The basic principle is also exactly the same as with the most powerful of machines – water is mixed with an abrasive and forced through a cutting head at extreme pressure. This cuts by a process that is akin to accelerated erosion, no heat is created, instead the part breaks along the line of the cutting head.

When this method of cutting is used in a professional machine, the result is a cut whereby there is no damage, no microabrasion caused by heat and an accuracy of cut that is unmatched.

Cuts can also be made in three dimensions, this via XD Cutting, a new technology that moves the cutting head through a range of axes. Other technologies and also more basic water jet cutting (including our friends with their pressure washer machine) can only cut in one dimension, and then the part has to be removed, re-set and cut in a new dimension.

In some ways there is little in common between the water jet cutting machine of an enthusiast with a unit in their workshop and the water jet cutting machines used by centres who are able to cut for industrial giants.

Water Jet Cutting – Suitable For Any Job

However, there are commonalities. There is a desire to use a technology that is environmentally friendly, there is using an option that is efficient and enables the creation of whatever part is required.

At TMC that is often parts for industry, but it can also be cutting for artists and other creative projects – we have cut exhibits for art galleries, tiles for buildings of interest both at home and abroad and helped out hobbyists and model makers.

We might not be about to build a water jet cutter out of a pressure washer ourselves, but we admire the creative solution and innovative approach.

Want a more robust water jet cutting solution?

At TMC Water Jet, we have machines that utilise the latest technology, creating water pressure of 87,000 PSI and also have XD cutting – that enhanced ability to cut in multiple directions and axes.

This has seen us work with everyone from leaders in the aviation industry and other industries where accuracy is of critical importance through to artists, small businesses and even a vicar who needed new keys for the Parish church.

As a family run business, we pride ourselves on giving the same level of great service no matter the size of job.

To discuss your bespoke requirements, please give us a call today on 01625 610 441 or use our Contact Form.