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Answering The Internet’s Questions About Water Jet Cutting

At TMC Water Jet we are among the UK’s leading water jet cutters, working with clients across Europe and on jobs of all sizes and for all sectors.

We are also passionate about what we do and have huge experience. This all means we are in the perfect place to answer the internet’s most common questions about water jet cutting – whatever they might be.

Starting by simply putting is water jet cutting into google and looking at the autofill suggestions, here’s what we get…

Is water jet cutting expensive?

Cost is always a key consideration with any work so it is natural for people to want to know how water jet cutting compares to other cutting technologies.

Whether something is expensive is relative of course and the cost of water jet cutting will vary greatly by the specific nature of the job.

However, what we can say is that when looked at in comparative terms, water jet cutting is not expensive; it is often a more economical choice than other cutting technologies.

Water jet cutting has advantages that help it keep costs down. The cutting head can cut through greater depths than options such as laser and can also cut complex parts in one motion, rather than the part needing to be re-set and cut again.

There is little waste produced, just water, the abrasive garnet and some chipping from the cutting process, these are all easy and cheap to dispose of.

It is always worth sourcing quotes from a range of providers, but water jet cutting has proven to be extremely competitive, as shown in its surge in usage in emerging economies.

How accurate is water jet cutting

As you would expect of a cutting technology that is trusted by car and plane manufacturers and industries where accuracy is of paramount importance, water jet cutting is incredibly accurate.

The orifice the water is forced through is just 0.75 mm in diameter ensuring cuts are perfect to the edge and faithful to the plans. Laser cutting can have a slightly smaller cutting head, but this technology, unlike water jets, creates heat and can damage the cut edge, create imperfections and even impact the structural integrity. Water jet cutting introduces none of these risks.

Accuracy is also ensured through modern software that turns plans into reality, the machine then creating a cutting path to ensure the perfect part is produced.

Some water jet cutters also utilise a technology called XD Cutting – at TMC we were the first in the UK. XD Cutting is essentially 3d cutting, the ability of the head to cut in multiple axis and so create those complex three-dimensional parts.

What is water jet cutting used for

In a recent post, we looked to answer this in reverse by examining what water jet cutting cannot cut – it is a far smaller list.

Water jet cutting is used for metals, plastics, glass and tiles.

It is used for almost everything, the few exceptions covered in a blog post.

Some of the uses might come as a surprise; the food industry increasingly uses water jet cutting as it provides a sterilised way to cut products safely and accurately.

At TMC Waterjet, we also work with artists and sculptors, two examples being work on the entrance to the Victoria and Albert Museum and helping produce an exhibit at Manchester’s Whitworth Gallery.

It is also a technology suitable for all sizes of business, a good water jet cutter is as happy doing a job for a huge multinational as it is an enthusiast requiring parts cutting for a hobby such as model railways.

What pressure is water jet cutting

Relatively low pressure machines can be bought to be used in a private workshop or even garage, but professional machines are somewhat more powerful.

At TMC, we use machines that operate at up to 87,000 psi of pressure, to put that into perspective a domestic pressure washer for the drive or car is likely to get up to 2,000 psi.

The water jet cutter’s pressure is, of course, also forced through a tiny cutting orifice, producing an accurate jet that can cut through up to 10cm of almost any material.

About TMC

At TMC Water Jet, we have machines that utilise the latest technology, creating water pressure of 87,000 PSI and also have XD cutting – that enhanced ability to cut in multiple directions and axes.

This has seen us work with everyone from leaders in the aviation industry and other industries where accuracy is of critical importance through to artists, small businesses and even a vicar who needed new keys for the Parish church.

As a family run business, we pride ourselves on giving the same level of great service no matter the size of job.

To discuss your bespoke requirements, please give us a call today on 01625 610 441 or use our Contact Form.