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Beautiful Ceramics Made By Water Jet Cutting

In this blog, we like to showcase the wide range of uses for water jet cutting and one of the most pleasing has to be its utility for art.

Our love of these stories comes from the fact that it is taking water jet cutting away from the initial purpose. Water jet cutting was developed for industry, to cut parts for machines.

It remains core to that, but is now also used in creative ways too – and what better example can there be than art and sculptures?

We have our own examples, having worked on art exhibitions and also turned Anya Gallacio’s Ghost Tree into stunning reality.

But, we can also appreciate the work of others and a stunning recent exhibition by Lubna Chowdhary caught our eye.

Her work is called Erratics and was displayed at Peer in London.

We don’t claim to be experts in art, and so have pinched a few details from the artrabbit.com site.

Chowdhary is acclaimed for her work with ceramics, this specific work, to quote artrabbit, refers to large rocks or boulders that have been displaced from their original geological context through glacial flows. While retaining their material integrity they have permanently settled in a new, alien context.

However, the meaning of the art is not our area of expertise, indeed much is sure to be subjective.

What we care about is how water jet cutting enables creativity.

For this project, Lubna wished to use a range of materials, it is a complex display featuring multiple elements. Imagine how much harder this would be if you struggled to find the right way to simply turn your idea into reality.

Water jet cutting helps to turn idea into reality – and this is as true for art as it is for the development of racing cars, planes or industrial parts.

We love that there are instances when art simply would not exist were it not for water jet cutting – this certainly true for Ghost Tree, whereby the efficiency and relative low cost of water jet cutting helped to make the project viable.

However, with art you don’t want to be thinking about the technology. It enables the art, but you don’t notice it. When you see a great painting, you aren’t thinking fo the individual brushstrokes.

The Images

To see Lubna’s work – online if not in the flesh – please had over to the artrabbit site following this link.

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