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Have A Cracking Christmas With Water Jet Cutting

Christmas is fast approaching, and, like everyone, the most wonderful time of year always gets us thinking. About peace, love, goodwill to all and, you know, water jet cutting.

Yes, that’s right, you might think it’s just for resistant materials and parts production but we think water jet cutting could save Christmas…

Cookie cutting

Do your kids’ attempts at cookie Christmas trees look more a herd of injured dinosaurs? (Herd, pack? The things we find ourselves Googleing). How will they ever earn their keep? With the ability to produce complex 2D and 3D shapes and low production cost, you’ll have them producing factory-precision biccies in no time. Perhaps you could start a little family business to help them pay for their presents…

Turkey carving

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t quite the meat carving marvels we think we are. If your attempts to divide up the festive feast look more like a massacre than a fine dining experience then water jet cutting could be your new best friend. With dynamic and XD water jet cutting able to produce finished parts in one go you could even get creative and carve a nativity scene in your sprouts.

Present unwrapping

So many presents. So little time. Get that pile open in an instant with extremely accelerated erosion from water jet cutting. The sooner they’re open, the sooner you can break out the port and fall asleep in front of It’s a Wonderful Life. For the 438th time. Aaah Christmas!

Mum’s Yule log

If your mum’s Yule log is anything like ours, you run the risk of needing root canal every time you take a bite. Don’t panic! With increased pressure and angled cutting, water jet cutting can get through the toughest of materials, from titanium and bronze to yes, solid blocks of refrigerated chocolate and digestives.


Don’t be an embarrassing dad on the dance floor this party season. With the precision and speed of water jet cutting you’ll be cutting shapes sharper than a superhero’s sword. Forget reaching for the lasers, they’re old news – water jets can cut through ten times their depth!

Seasonal style

Need a new do for the office Christmas party? Be the belle of the ball with the latest in hair chopping technology – the water jet cut. With no heat effected zones, you don’t need to worry about damage to your luscious locks. We hear mullets are back in fashion for 2017…

 Beat traffic

Those slopes can be busy at this time of year. No, we’re not talking about skiing in the alps, we’re off to the park to show off our water jet powered toboggan. At 87,000 psi, your water jet powered monster will definitely be the envy of your friends. And as water jet cutting is a cold process, with no heat affected zone, you won’t ruin the snow for your next go. Maybe Rudolph could borrow it to help speed Father Christmas through the sky…

We’re always learning at TMC water jet, but how else do you think water jet cutting could save Christmas? Find us on Facebook or send us a tweet and let us know. With a Mach 4 water jet beam offering cutting that’s faster, thicker and to a tighter tolerance, we think the possibilities are endless!