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Water Jet Cutting: A Sign of the Times

Water jet cutting might not be an inherently creative technology, you won’t find artists bent over a cutting machine for hours on end.

However it enables others to fulfil their artistic vision. The technology allows complete accuracy of any cut part, this then gives certainty that any part will fit perfectly with the work of others.

A completely separate element of an overall project can be worked on in the knowledge that when pieces are ultimately put together they will meld perfectly.

We have blogged on this topic previously, but there is perhaps no better example than a recent project that led to the creation of a quite wonderful sign.

Great Marlborough Street is busy but also exclusive. Any sign has to be both distinctive but classy, catching the eye in a good way.

The end product produced by Leander Architectural is stunning – as you can see from the images below. The pictures do it far better justice than we could in 1,000 words.

What we can do is detail the process and our own small – but if we may say so ourselves important – role.

The process is a fusion of the modern and the traditional – for some elements only the traditional will do; skills that have been passed down through the generations and technology will never better.

However, for the accurate cutting of a metal frame, water jet cutting cannot be bettered, both for accuracy or efficiency. Our role was that, to produce the intricate frame. We didn’t design the frame of course, we took the plans and then turned them into reality.

Fuss free.

Double-sided castings were then attached and traditional blacksmithing skills used to finish off the detail.

Finishing off the detail is a description that perhaps underplays the level of skill required!

The detail was produced in aluminium and then fully painted and gilded in gold leaf. Everything bar the gold leaf – and the frame – were produced in house by Leander Architectural.

We may be biased, but we think that this new sign is the smartest you will see on Great Marlborough Street. By a distance.

The work also reminds us of projects such as working on the Ghost Tree for artist Anya Gallacio at the Whitworth Art Gallery or the beautiful metal cutting we produced for the Tate Modern.

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