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Cutting Complex 3D Parts With Water Jet Cutting

As with all cutting technologies, water jet cutting can cut straightforward two dimensional parts, but one area where the technology truly stands apart is through the ability to cut complex, three-dimensional parts.

This ability does not come as standard, it is only possible with the most advanced machines, those with cutting heads that can cut in multiple axis.
At TMC Waterjet, we were the first UK water jet cutters to embrace this technology and so are well-placed to provide further information.

Why Use 3D Cutting?

While not suitable or necessary for every job or type of cut, 3D cutting when used correctly has the ability to cut more accurately, more quickly and with greater efficiency.

Dynamic XD Water Jet Cutting
This is a perfect trio of benefits – cuts whereby even the most complex of parts are made with 100% precision, but this also in a manner that enables tight deadlines to be hit and helps projects come in on budget.

The cut is completely computer and software controlled, these moving the head through multiple axis with total precision. All elements that have the potential to lead to some degree of inaccuracy are therefore removed.

Why 3D Cutting is Required

It has, of course, always been possible to cut three dimensional, complex parts – after all industry and art has always required these.

This poses the question as to what XD actually solves, if solutions already existed.

However, nobody would claim that XD cutting is the only way to cut a complex three dimensional part, but that is not to say it isn’t the best way.

The successful creation of any part boils down to creating this part accurately, within deadline and also in a cost-efficient manner. XD, three-dimensional cutting, does this more quickly, with greater accuracy and so therefore leads to cost savings.

It is not that all other options are flawed – indeed we can cut complex parts with standard two-dimensional cutting – it is instead that XD cutting is advantageous.

How does the cutting work?

As with standard water jet cutting, a targeted, high-pressure water jet is directed at the material to be cut, this jet reaching up to 94,000 PSI. However, the XD Water Jet cutting head can turn through 60 degrees both sideways and front and back.

High precision, tight corner geometry is possible as the cutting head and software automatically account for any water jet stream imperfections. The operator chooses the material from the software’s comprehensive database and the technology does the rest.

What’s Possible with 3D Cutting?

In a recent post, we detailed projects that were only realistic because of XD cutting, projects where complex parts were cut on a tight budget.

Please read this post here.

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