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Different Types of Water Jet Cutting Machines

How many types of water jet cutting machine can you name? We imagine the answer to this is going to be in the form of binary – a 1 or a 0.

However, there is actually a wide range of machines as we will explore below, with the help of a handy video.

Watch the below and have a read – it could be of huge value if you ever find yourself in a niche pub quiz with a picture round on water jet cutting machines (and if you find such a pub quiz, please do let us know).

Of course, as a potential customer, you do not need to be an expert on the different types of water jet – it is enough to find a renowned professional company and talk through the job. They will be able to determine if they have the machinery and provide a quote.

However, it is still of interest to see how a variety of water jet cutting machines are now available, each with different characteristics.

They range from an option that can appear in garages and workshops – the Wazer. This theoretically makes water jet cutting much more accessible, although we would recommend still that this tech remains the preserve of those who know what they are doing. Given the cost of these machines, it is also true to state that you would have to use it A LOT for it to be cost efficient compared to simply building a relationship with specialists who undertake jobs as and when you need them.

But, as the video shows, the Wazer is powerful and accurate – you can see it cutting through a perfectly good watch (why anyone would want to cut through their expensive-looking watch a different matter).

There are also water jet cutting machines that may not have a high degree more power but have incredible accuracy – water jet tech is used in laboratories to make small samples with finesse. These water jet cutting machines can help drive science and innovation and also medical research.

There are water jet cutting machines that can cut in multiples axis, this for complex parts or even stunning art installations. The benefit of these is that accuracy is enhanced – complex cuts made in one fluid motion, but also costs are reduced too as the machine does all the work in a singular process. Previously, whatever the technology, there would have been the need to cut in one dimension, then reposition and repeat.

What if you have something thick to cut, that doesn’t require this complex additional detail? Here some of the workhorses of the range come in, machines that can cut through metal, ceramics and more through many inches. These are still incredibly accurate, but also penetrate through incredibly dense material – indeed, unless you are looking to cut diamonds, they are good for pretty much any material.

Water jets are also used in food preparation, ensuring even portion size prior to packaging in a completely sterile environment. There are types of water jet cutting machinery that specialise in this too.

In the video, nine separate models are shown, in truth some of these are fairly similar, they are different manufacturers making water jet cutting machines with similar capabilities.

At TMC, as perhaps the UK’s leading water jet cutters, wer have a number of these machines, though our exact range varies over time – we like to be at the cutting edge of this cutting edge technology, for instance being the first to embrace the complex multi-dimensional multi-axis 3d cutting in the UK.

What we hope this video shows – and credit to those who made it, it is not our own video – is that there is a water jet cutting machine for every type of job.

If you have a part to be cut, please do get in touch. If we can’t cut it, we’re not quite sure who can!


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