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Elliptical Flats for Telescopes

Newtonian Elliptical Telescope Flats

Since investing in the latest water jet technology, TMC are discovering new and exciting applications for XD dynamic water jet cutting. If you aren’t familiar with XD cutting, it simply means we’re able to cut angled components, objects and materials. XD cutting gives us the ability to cut complex 3D parts.

We’ve worked closely with Orion Optics for a number of years. Historically we’ve cut two dimensional glass discs, however each Newtonian telescope requires an elliptical 45 degree mirror (elliptical flats). Until recently, this method has been costly and time consuming to produce by conventional in house grinding methods. With Dynamic XD water jet cutting, TMC can produce these parts in a fraction of the time with great accuracy, saving considerable time and resources.

As a prospering British manufacturer of precision astronomical telescopes and optics, part quality is absolutely paramount. TMC are trusted to deliver consistent quality and parts.

In a tough economic climate we take great pleasure in working with prospering British and European companies. If you have a requirement for water jet cutting, please get in touch with us, we’ll be only too glad to help.