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Elon Musk Loves Water Jet Cutting

Tech genius Elon Musk covers a wide range of topics on social media, but one post shocked us the other day – he tweeted in favour of water jet cutting.

Elon posted to say it was “amazing what a billion tiny cannonballs could do” – how do we know this was about water jet cutting? Because he was replying to a tweet about water jet cutting.

Sadly not our tweet; he’s not following us. Yet.

Elon – we’re on first-name – was responding to a tweet by Rainmaker1973 saying that water jet cutting machines can cut through anything (as indeed they can – with a couple of exceptions that needn’t bother us here)

The tweet included this rather nice video too.

Seeing this tweet related to water jet cutting was exciting for us, mainly because you don’t see too many famous people tweeting about water jet cutting. George Clooney hasn’t, neither has Ed Sheeran, nor has Madonna. We could go on.

However, Elon’s tweet matters for another reason.

This is not the first time he has made replies that have hinted at a real interest in water jet cutting. His Space X project is also believed to have heavily utilised water jet cutting.

Elon Musk’s influence matters. He does not create interest out of thin air, but his backing for any tech accelerates adoption. This has been seen many other times – from electric cars to cryptocurrency.

The more his businesses use water jet cutting and he espouses the technology’s virtues, the more demand for water jet cutting will grow. At the same time, those not using this technology will become ever less competitive.

In fact, there is probably no person in the world with greater individual ability to influence the adoption of tech.


We have mentioned how there have been hundreds of reports looking at the growth of water jet cutting. Universally they speak of greater uptake, ever-more businesses turning to water jet cutting as it can cut more efficiently, accurately, with greater cost-efficiency and also with vastly reduced environmental impact.


But, let’s be honest, most people don’t read these reports. They describe what is happening but they don’t influence it.


Elon Musk speaking out is different. He may not have the level of research into the industry so he probably doesn’t know the predicted growth trends. However, his interest helps shape it.


It will be interesting to see whether he becomes more vocal on water jet cutting. We’ll send him a DM to ask.