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Environmental Benefits of Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting is renowned for its efficiency and accuracy but how does it compare to other technologies in terms of its environmental credentials?

Those looking to have parts cut rightly care about the green credentials of those they work with. A technology that can cut well but does so at great cost to the environment isn’t much of a technology at all.

As the UK’s leading water jet cutters, we are proud to work with the technology that is the kindest to the environment. The one that is the most sustainable.

How does water jet cutting achieve this?

Water jet cutting does not use heat to cut and so the energy consumption is reduced. As the name implies, the water jet does the cutting, or the water jet is mixed with a non-abrasive garnet to be more specific.

Water jet cutting also does not create large amounts of waste material. In fact, the genius of the process is that all that is left to be cleaned are the dust-like particles from the cut, the non-abrasive, inert garnet and water, which can naturally wash the other elements away. The water does the cutting and also the cleaning, nothing harmful is left.

This benefit cannot be overstated, a technology that carries out tasks for industry but does so in a way that does not leave our countryside, rivers and landscapes worse off. It is a technology that achieves the tasks of today but not at the expense of tomorrow.

Water jet cutting also makes use of natural elements that already exist in abundance. Clearly, there is no shortage of water, while the abrasive garnet is natural and readily available too – indeed, the first iterations of water jet cutting machinery used sand.

Water jet cutting is simply erosion sped up exponentially.

The technology we favour also benefits by comparison, it is an environmentally kind technology when competitors are bootable for the waste they create or the huge energy consumption required. It is not our place to speak in detail about laser cutting or plasma cutting, but it is safe to say they do not have the credentials of water jet cutting.

This is, in part, why advanced economies are shifting away from these more outdated cutting options, with concerns over both their accuracy and also their efficiency. They also do not help any business meet its sustainability pledges.

What we love about water jet cutting is that it allows businesses to get parts cut efficiently, accurately and affordably, yet also in a way that is environmentally friendly.

Water jet cutting has environmental benefits, but it also has benefits in all other aspects too.

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