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Films which don’t – but definitely should – feature water jet cutting

Which animal is the toughest? Who is the greatest actor of all time? How many times can you fold a sheet of paper in half…

At TMC Waterjet we have the same highbrow post-work discussions as anyone else, but we also have one which is a bit different.

Which films would benefit from the inclusion of water jet cutting. We’re sure you’ve had this chat too, so why not send us your ideas after reading a few we thought up – we’ve also included a few classic movie scenes!

The Shawshank Redemption

In this classic film based on the novel by Stephen King, Andy Dufresne is in a high security American prison for murder.

On his first meeting with Red, the prison’s fixer, the man who can get you anything, Andy requests a rock hammer – a six-inch tool used mainly for scultiping small rocks, though he also finds a more practical use for it…

But if Red can get anything, why not ask for a water jet cutter? Set the jet at the right angle and start cutting through those crumbly prison walls. Rather than waiting decades for freedom, Andy might have been out inside a week.

Would have ruined the film though…

Here’s the scene where Andy asks for the hammer.


Lasers, they are so inefficient compared to water jet cutting.

A laser cannot cut through as thick a material, there is more damage to edges and there is more waste.

Lasers are good at simple cuts through relatively thin material, for everything else water jet cutting is superior.

So, for any super villain with a British Secret Agent strapped to a table we think water jet cutting might be the more appropriate weapon of choice. Also, it won’t damage the table so much.

The famous Goldfinger scene – here it is.



Ocean’s 11

The plan – break into the vault in the Bellagio, one of Las Vegas’ most famous casinos.

You’ve got to get within the casino cages, then through doors with a 6-digit security code, then past an elevator with a voice-recognition system. There are motion detectors, guards with guns and sensors monitoring for tunnelling.

You need experts in all the dark arts, and a contortionist to get past the detection beams.

Or… Just use a water jet cutter to go through a door or two, there’s no heat produced so those heat detectors are no longer an issue.

Ok, a water jet cutter alone might not get you into the vault of the Bellagio, but they should have at least considered it!

Here’s a classic scene from the movie outlining the plan…


Your turn

Which movies do you think water jet cutting would improve? Which scenes would be radically different with water rather than lasers?

Let us know your ideas; and if you need any water jet cutting give us a call at TMC – unless you’re a super villain that is.