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Finding A Local Water Jet Cutter

The normal procedure with a blog post is to make sure the text answers the question, here we should tell you how to find a great local water jet cutter.

However – and hopefully you’ll forgive us – in this case we’re going to go a slightly different route. We think that if you’re focussed on finding a local water jet cutter you have slightly the wrong focus.

Let us explain.

It might be that you are in the happy position of having a superb water jet cutting company closer by – we would hope that’s how any company in the north west of England feels about having us nearby.

Equally, it might be that the best water jet cutters are not nearby. In that case, what do you choose, do you chose a company simply because they are local or do you chose a company because they are good?

With water jet cutting, the balance should always be towards choosing a company who are good. The whole reason people seek out water jet cutters is for accuracy, it is to get final parts that are perfect in specification and tolerance.

Water jet cutting can cut parts for major industries, for industries where complete accuracy is critical, but it can also cut end products that are beautiful – sculptures, mosaics and more.

Why Industries Trust Water Jet Cutting

It is a technology that is increasingly favoured over other options such as laser cutting because no heat is created, there is no damage to the part, no micro abrasions of structural defects.

Water jet cutting can also cut complex three dimensional parts in one fluid motion, this through a technology called XD cutting whereby the cutting head can move through multiple axes. You might not care to remember the name of the technology of course, the key point is that water jet cutting can the most complex of parts and also do this on a repeated cycle as it follows the computer-generated cutting path.

Why forego all that expertise simply to find the most local cutter?

The logistics for any cut part can be easily arranged, shipping to any location with a country or even abroad – from our Macclesfield base we have served customers across the UK and Europe. Choosing who transports the finished part will not affect its quality and a longer joinery will not add significant delay to the process. Choosing the wrong water jet cutting company could lead to a lower standard of end product that cannot be rectified.

An example from our recent history is a customer who needed parts cutting for replica Star Wars helmets, this a job that involved shipping to Portugal. The customer had tried other water jet cutting providers before yet found us to deliver parts of a higher quality.

Yes, the distance the finished parts had to travel was further, but he got finished parts that led to a better end product, more realistic replica helmets and so products that were ultimately more sellable.

When looking for a local water jet cutter, instead look for a quality water jet cutter. Of course, you might not want a company the other side of the world, but, in our opinion, you should at least seek out the best water jet cutter in your country. Speaking of which…

About TMC Waterjet

At TMC Waterjet, we are UK leading water jet cutters. We don’t have workshops that carry out all manner of processes, water jet cutting one among them, water jet cutting is all we do.

This dedication to the technology saw us become the UK’s first operator of XD Cutting technology, this a head that can cut in multiple dimensions and so make the most complex parts in one fluid motion.

We are a family run business near Macclesfield that has global clients.

To discuss our requirements please contact us by calling 01625 610 441 or use our Contact Form.