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What Does The Future Hold For Water Jet Cutting?

Water Jet Cutting is the leading cutting technology available, being the go-to choice for all-but the simplest of cuts.

However, it has not got to this position by standing still. Innovation and improvement has been at the heart of the rise of water jet cutting, so what’s next?



Water jet cutting has got quicker as the technology has been able to deliver higher water pressure through the cutting head.

At TMC water jet, we have cutting up to 87,000 PSI, that’s water delivered at around four times the speed of sound.

Over time, that PSI will increase further, who knows what speed we might be talking in 10 or 20 years’ time.

However, the greatest speed gains might not be through the water pressure, instead it will be software and design upgrades.

If any client wanting a cutting job was able to directly upload the design then potentially the time from idea to finished cut could be cut. For most jobs this might not be necessary, but it could become an option for clients in need of a part and quickly.



Water jet cutting already leads the way by being able to cut to depths 10 times those of laser – typically 25 centimetres compared to just a couple of CM.

Increased water pressure will make it possible to cut deeper still, potentially in a few years we might be cutting metal to half a metre’s depth.


Cutting complex parts

This has been the biggest jump in recent years, water jet cutting’s ability to cut parts beyond those of the basic two-dimensional cut.

XD cutting is now available through some water jet cutters, this is a head which can move on multiple axis, and this means a complex three-dimensional part can be cut in one take, rather than requiring costly and time consuming secondary cuts.

The XD cutting is used by the likes of Boeing and formula one teams, industries requiring complex parts, cut accurately.

This area will grow further; the ability to cut even more complex parts, to greater depths and even more quickly.

Awareness of this technology will also grow too as companies realise that they can save both money and time on their cutting jobs and get a more accurate part in the process.


Home water jet cutters

We’ve touched on this in previous blogs, water jet cutting could become much more accessible to all.

There are garage set-ups that can be bought, though we’re thinking more workshop than where you park the family estate.

These offer a cutting machine for any hobbyist or similar making a large number of relatively simple cuts. Currently, they are likely to prove value for money only in very niche cases, but perhaps water jet cutters will become more accessible to any small business in semi-regular need of parts cut.

However, it will always be a scaled back version of what a professional water jet cutter can offer – a less accurate cut and one which cannot be done to the same depth.

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