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Here’s How To Solve Brexit – Use A Waterjet

Whichever side of the divide you fall on, you have to feel that the whole Brexit process, or non process, is not going as smoothly as it might have done.

At the time of writing, after more than two years of trying to work out how to leave the EU, it seems we are no closer to any sort of clear path forward. 

This got us wondering. At TMC, we have a whole range of water jet cutting machines. Should we lend them to Parliament, could water jet cutting help solve the whole sorry mess?

It might seem unlikely, but hear us out.

Cutting with accuracy

A water jet can cut virtually anything and smoothly and accurately too. Water Jet Cutting

A water jet can cut through 10 times the depth of a laser, it can cut through great thick slabs of metal and other dense materials. Surely it could easily cut through reams of red tape and documentation.

A water jet can also cut incredibly accurately. The focussed cutting head is accurate enough to be used on intricate designs and the work of artists. It’s clear that accuracy and clarity is required in the Brexit process, a water jet cutting can deliver here.


Cutting without damage

Water jets, unlike other cutting technologies, also cut without damage, the process does not heat up the edges and create minor burns. Brexit has got heated enough on both sides, some literal cold water poured on the proceedings might not be the worst thing.

Water jet cutting is also the technology that can cut complex parts in one fluid motion, this through a version of the cutting called XD Cutting (we have this at TMC). This means that secondary cutting is not required, there is no need to cut in one direction, then re-set and cut in another plane, and then perhaps repeat again.


Cutting in one go

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one process which could resolve everything in one go – imagine how much time and also expense this spares, it also removes the risks of errors creep in through repeated re-setting and restarting.

Water jet cutting is also used by all industries. It is used in food processing, by big industry, but also by small start-ups. If things need cutting, water jet cutting can be used (it is even used for sheer pleasure on some niche YouTube channels – water jets cutting bowling balls, laptops and more). With Brexit, all contributors to the UK economy have their own desired set of outcomes, a cutting system that can deliver for all of these would be a huge bonus.


Or a rare occasion when water jets can’t help?

However, maybe, just maybe, Brexit joins diamonds and tempered glass on the very small list off things water jet cutting simply cannot tackle. Maybe we’ll have to keep our machines where they are, in the heart of Cheshire, and let those down in London try to negotiate a path through Brexit.


Water Jets – Can’t sort Brexit, can’t cut diamonds – good for all other jobs

What we can do is help any business or individual who needs parts cutting, whether that is for major industry such as aviation or individuals working on sculptures or requiring a new set of keys cutting for the Parish Church (to use a real-life example).

If you’re reading this and need an impasse in the House of Commons resolving we’d have to ask – what are you doing reading this? Get on with running the country.

However, if you require parts cutting please get in touch with us at TMC – the leading UK water jet cutters.