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How Water Jet Cutting Is Put To Creative Use

As the UK’s leading water jet cutters, at TMC we spend much of our time working with industry, delivering on projects for large clients where the accuracy and delivering on spec are key, creativity less so.

However, water jet cutting is far more varied than just being the best way to produce key parts for critical projects.

Water jet cutting also allows people to be creative by helping them save time and money and enabling them to bring their visions to life.

For us, working with a variety of clients is always a pleasure, it allows us to use the machines for a whole variety of projects. Clearly, working on a project for a major aviation manufacturer is prestigious, but equally there is great pride to be taken in seeing how we helped a sculptor realise their vision or helped a society make a lifelike replica of a steam engine.

We believe there are keys aspects that can help any water jet cutter work effectively with those looking for a solution to their creative vision.

1) No job is too big or too small.

Of course, some work leads to repeat business and major jobs with large clients are to be welcomed. However, the machines are either in use or they aren’t and being used to help an individual with a small, one-off job is every bit as valid as carrying out a repeat order for a multinational.

By focussing just on delivering a superb outcome, irrespective of the size of job, quality is assured and also pleasure is taken from every job.

At TMC, we have helped a parish vicar by cutting new keys for the church, we have built replica parts for a business selling Star Wars parts and we have helped on numerous art projects, such as cutting tiles for a public art competition in Switzerland and creating a sculpture for the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester.


2) Communication and accurate plans.

With all forms of cutting, the devil is in the detail. We have the most advanced software and can perform XD Cutting – this being cutting in three dimensions which avoids the need for secondary cutting.

However, any software and the skill of the operators is only as good as the initial plans. By taking the time to speak to clients, to fully understand the brief and to create the most accurate plans, quality is assured. This is of course true for any job, but the difference is that for industry the client will usually have the plans in place.

For an art project, there is work to be done turning an artistic impression into a detailed plan for a cutting head to follow. That expertise is crucial.

3) Saving time and money.

Water jet cutting is highly competitive on price, indeed it often undercuts other forms of cutting such as laser, while also being more accurate and able to cut to a greater depth.

This is also an advantage of using a large cutter – rather than being too busy for the job, or being reluctant to take on smaller projects, they actually have the capacity to fit in smaller jobs while keeping costs down.

When we worked with Anya Gallacio on producing the sculpture for the Whitworth Art Gallery, she commented that she thought the work was unlikely to become reality, she thought the cost would be prohibitive. It was only possible to turn vision into reality thanks to the low overheads of water jet cutting.

4) Knowing your role.

When working with industry, it is clear what the role of the water jet cutter is, it is to deliver the parts on time and precisely to spec.

Working with a creative client, this does not change. When we work with an artist or an enthusiast working on a model railway or with a business cutting a beautiful stone logo, our job is not to become art director.

As mentioned, we might need to help by turning an artistic impression into detailed plans, but beyond that the role of the water jet cutter is simply to deliver to spec. That is why the partnership can work so well, the water jet cutter simply acting as a facilitator.

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At TMC, we are a water jet cutter who serve the whole of the UK and increasingly Europe too, with clients across the content trusting us to work on their projects.

Despite our success, we remain a company that focusses on every client and work on projects of all sizes.

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