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Huge expansion in water jet cutting predicted

Water jet cutting, already the favoured technology used for cutting parts in many industries, is set to see extraordinary growth over the next decade.

That is the finding from Research Nester, which has analysed the global market and worked to predict future usage based on changing industry demands.

The research suggests a rate of 5% compound growth per annum, this would equate to the water jet market becoming worth 71 billion US dollars by 2035, this compared to around 40 billion currently.

This growth will be driven by a number of key industries and uses and the automotive and aerospace industries are expected to play a major part. Both already utilise water jet cutting, but it is likely that they will move almost all cutting over to this technology and this at a time when global output is expected to increase.

One key factor is water jet cutting’s ability to minimise wastage, a key determinant as companies bid to make the most of resources and also demonstrate social responsibility.

However food preparation and the construction of parts for energy suppliers will also lead to rapid growth. Water jet cutting has emerged in recent years as a superb option for food prep – using an inert water jet, and so with contamination fears removed, it is possible to minimise food wastage automatically – this against a backdrop of one third of all food being wasted globally.

At the same time, water jet machines around the world are also busy creating the parts essential for renewable energy options, for instance the highly specialist parts of offshore windfarms, including the huge blades.

Globally, certain areas will drive more of the increase than others. The United States and North America are predicted to see increase in production that will be enabled by water jet cutting, while much of Asia has already adopted water jet cutting technology to huge advantage in fields such as car production.
Europe does not get an explicit mention in the report, perhaps suggesting our continent lags behind a little. This will need addressing for firms competing ion a global scale to remain competitive.

And what does this all mean for those wishing to utilise water jet cutting?

Well, we’d say get in touch sooner rather than later. If the market is to near double in size, we might find ourselves busy!


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