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Is Water Jet Cutting The Most Brilliant ‘Simple’ Technology

For this post we simply want to pose a question, to throw it out there.

Is there a technology that is in many ways simple that is also as stunningly effective as water jet cutting.

Modern water jet cutting might not seem simple. It is controlled by software to create a perfectly accurate cut, the cutting head is remarkably sophisticated and can work through multiple axis to create any part.

But, at its heart, water jet cutting is simply water fired at a surface – or water mixed with an abrasive and fired at a surface to cut it.

If the pressure is high enough, the water and garnet mix will cut through virtually anything. If you could get pressure high enough, it could cut to any conceivable depth – as it is you can cut through steel that is many inches thick.

It seems far more basic than laser, or plasma or other cutting methods, and yet it just works. Parts are not damaged, it is environmentally friendly, and yet it can cut parts for electronics, for planes and for any role, however critical accuracy.

With ever greater technical sophistication, cutting-edge processes and the advance of artificial intelligence, it feels somehow remarkable that something in some ways so basic, utilising the power of water remains unmatched.

But, this is also a reminder of the power of nature. Processes using fire tend to be effective too – if less environmentally friendly.

Using renewable energy is a contender, and certainly of immense value – although the technology behind turning wind or water into electricity is extremely high-tech.

We are very close to water jet cutting. There may be something we are missing, a contender that also uses nature in an essentially simple way and makes this an unmatched engineering option.

We also admit that modern software and technology has transformed water jet cutting. You wouldn’t be cutting parts for planes on the earliest, 1970s versions of water jet cutting.

That’s why we are asking the question though – we would vote for water jet cutting as the most remarkable use of a ‘simple’ technology. What would you suggest? Let us know on social media.

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