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Laser Like Accuracy? We Prefer Water Jet Accuracy

Can we suggest a change to a common phrase?

It might not catch on, but we believe it is time to mothball phrases such as:

Laser-like accuracy
Laser focus
Honed in like a laser

You see lasers, whilst exciting, aren’t actually as accurate as you might have been led to believe.

Lasers struggle when compared to water jet cutting.

Now, we appreciate that changing phrases might be a struggle.

The chess player has water jet cutting like focus.

That was a remarkable goal, he needed water jet cutting like accuracy.

Maybe not snappy, but definitely more accurate.

You see, when you want a reference point for accuracy, water jet cutting is much better than lasers.

Lasers create heat and so can damage what they come into contact with; water jets have no such downside.

Water jets can cut in three dimensions, lasers typically do not do this.

Water jets are also far more powerful, cutting to 10 times the depth of a laser. Imagine this in sport, you want a shot that is like a water jet, not a laser – a weak effort that struggles to reach the target.

Lasers are, dare we say it, a bit Austin Powers, in that the joke was they are a bit dated. Something impressive from a former era.

In referencing lasers, it is a little like Alan Partridge saying ‘he has a shot like a traction engine’. What’s a traction engine, granddad?

Of course, none of this actually matters and is said purely in jest. Laser trips off the tongue far better than water jet cutting, it also brings to mind interesting images of beams of light and, if you are of a certain age, James Bond in peril.

Water jet cutting brings to mind – well, just a jet of water. Not very exciting is it?

Maybe that is the real point. Water jet cutting doesn’t sound very exciting, you don’t see it in movies, or used as a term. There are many times more searches for lasers than water jets, children will write stories that include lasers, it is less likely they’ll use a water jet cutting machine. Ask a child if they want to go to the museum of lasers of the museum of water jet cutting and we suspect we can guess the response.

However, water jet cutting just gets the job done better than anything else.

At the end of the day, that may not lead to phrases, or a place in the shared cultural heritage, but it does make water jet cutting amazingly useful.

When you want something cutting, think water jet cutting. When you want to describe a good shot in football – we’ll let you off. You can still use laser.

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