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How To Make Complex Cuts On Parts

Although many industries require complex parts to be cut, there has often been one stumbling block.

Cutting complex parts, parts cut on multiple panes to make detailed three-dimensional parts, has required multiple cutting processes.

The part has been cut on one axis, then repositioned for secondary cutting. For some parts, this process is repeated many times.

Clearly, the challenges this has created have not been insurmountable. Parts have been cut, the likes of the motor and aviation industry have continued to function and flourish.

However, it has meant the cutting process has suffered in three ways

  • It hasn’t been as quick as it could be, additional cuts take time
  • It hasn’t been as cost effective as it could be, those extra cuts cost money
  • It has added in risk of defective parts, parts which need to be scrapped. This wastage of course adds further to delays

Modern water jet cutting tackles this problem thorough XD cutting, this is three-dimensional cutting with a cutting head that can rotate through multiple axis and so cut complex parts in one controlled, fluid motion.

You can see XD cutting in action in the video below.

XD cutting is the latest step in the advances being made by water jet cutting, advances that now see it established as the leading cutting technology, the cutting edge of cutting edges.

As well as being the technology that can cut those complex three-dimensional parts, it can also cut to greater depths.

Whereas laser cutting can typically only cut to depths of 2.5 centimetres, water jet cutting can cut to 10 times that depth. And with further advances, higher water pressure delivered through even smaller cutting heads, that depth will only grow further still.

Water jet cutting is also the technology which causes the least damage to the cut part. Water jet cutting is best described as accelerated erosion, extremely accelerated that is. There is no burning of the edge, no heat created, just a natural parting by the water jet.

With water jet cutting you get parts cut more accurately and to a greater depth. The turn around time matches up to any other technology and you can have complex parts cut in a single cut, meaning you also save money.

That’s a whole lot of reasons to choose water jet cutting for your parts.

At TMC we are a leading UK water jet cutter, the first in the UK to make use of XD cutting.

Whatever the nature of your job, whatever the size of task please do get in touch so we can discuss your  bespoke needs – we have undertaken jobs ranging from helping a vicarage by cutting a new key to cutting parts for formula one teams.