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May The (Water Jet Cutting Force) Be With You.

What does water jet cutting have to do with Star Wars?

Not a lot is your likely answer, or maybe you think we’re about to make a tenuous link about how Luke Skywalker should have used a water jet cutting beam rather than a laser for his lightsaber – water jet cutting is ten times more powerful after all.

That’s not the connection though – in this blog we have compared water jets and lasers often enough, the results never change, water jets are simply better!

The link between Star Wars and water jet cutting comes through an interesting job we recently carried out for a customer in Portugal. Incidentally, the fact we had to ship to Portugal was not a problem, we have the ability to ship finished parts wherever they need to go.

The customer got in touch requiring parts cutting to make helmets as seen in the sci-fi films, replica designs from the famous films.

The end product, as you can see looks stunning.

We believe this project is a great example of the benefits of using true, leading water jet cutters.

The client sent us accurate, detailed plans via a PDF from which we were able to quickly calculate a quote. This then agreed, the work was carried out quickly and close to 200 parts cut and then efficiently shipped across Europe.

Water Jet Cutting – Unmatched Accuracy

On receiving the parts, the client was happy to show us how they would be used (by email unfortunately, a trip to Portugal would be more than welcome). Pleasingly, he also stated that they were of a higher quality than had been the case when using other water jet cutting companies.

At TMC Water Jet, we invest in the leading cutting machinery, in the UK we were first to include XD Cutting, this is cutting that can cut accurately in three dimensions, saving time and expense on more complex cuts.

Our cutting machines deliver a level of accuracy that means we can service job for any industry and also more creative pursuits – as well as the Star Wars masks we have previously worked on projects such as artist Anya Gallacio’s Ghost Tree at Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery as well as work for the Victoria and Albert Museum.

In fact, we love the jobs that are a little out the ordinary. They might not be high volume or make us rich but it is a pleasure to work on any job where the end product is truly aesthetically appealing.

That said, we also love working with big industry too – if our water jet cutting machines are busy, we’re happy.

To find out how water jet cutting can help produce the parts you need, please get in touch by calling 01625 610 441 or dropping us an email to info@tmcwaterjet.co.uk