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Flying Cars? The Parajet Sky Runner

Planes, spaceships and jet packs all feature in the minds of young boys across the planet as they dream of creative but alternate methods of transport. You could imagine the delight on the faces of the old boys at TMC when Parajet, makers of flying cars asked us to water jet cut mild steel disk brakes for their Parajet Sky Runner Prototype 02.

The steel disks are reasonably standard but alterations were needed. Tear drops and circles were water cut into the 9.5mm disk to improve aesthetics, improve efficiency but more importantly save weight on the all terrain flying buggy.

Prototype 02 is a massive improvement on what was already a very successful first attempt. A new lightweight and aggressive exoskeleton features improved flying dynamics while the interior is an exercise in ergonomic simplicity. A new more powerful and efficient Ecoboost engine provides a superior flying experience.

Substantial Automotive and Aviation water jet cutting experience were factors in Parajets appointment of TMC water jet cutting. If you have a similar requirement, please make contact.

Check out the Parajet Skyrunner Prototype 01s maiden flight below.