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Why We Are Proud To Be Water Jet Cutters

Water Jet Cutting is more than just a job to us at TMC Water Jet, it is also a technology we are extremely proud to be involved with.


Why’s that?, you ask. Allow us to tell you…


Water Jet Cutting is incredibly accurate


This matters, water jet cutting uses heads that can cut with incredible accuracy, matching other technologies such as laser cutting.


Different nozzle widths can be utilised depending on the degree of accuracy required, so quicker, cheaper cuts are available where extreme accuracy is not required.


Water Jet Cutting does not damage the part being cut


We are proud to work with a technology that ensures your parts being cut will not suffer any damage or micro abrasions in the cutting process.


Most cutting formats use heat and so the edge can suffer from burns and this heat also potentially affects the structural integrity of the part.


Water jets dint create heat, the process is perhaps best described as accelerated erosion. The cut is created by eroding along the edge so there is no damage to either the edge or the overall part being cut.


Water jet cutting is versatile


We have seen a huge growth in the uses for water jet cutting.water cutting news


Far from just being used to cut machine parts, it is now used for the aviation industry, food preparation, art and sculptures.


At TMC, we have cut parts for motor racing teams, logos for luxury boutiques and even new keys for a vicarage.


Water jet cutting is suitable for jobs of all sizes


We love working with big business, we have enjoyed working with major organisations in recent years and we have taken huge pride in our work for manufacturers.


The cutting is also suitable for smaller jobs too, though. Whether it is an individual needing a single cutting job or repeat business from a multinational, we are committed to giving every job the care and attention it deserves.



Water jet cutting can cut complex parts


Water jet cutting enables complex three-dimensional parts to be cut in one fluid movement.


This is thanks to XD cutting, which allows the cutting nozzle to move through multiple axis.


From a customer’s point of view, this removes the need for secondary cuts – meaning the whole process is quicker and more cost-effective.


Water jet cutting is on the up


We are proud to be working with a technology that is continually developing and improving.


Already it is the leading technology for cutting, but further growth is predicted as more and more cutting jobs utilise water jets.


Water jet cutting helps make businesses more efficient – they can have parts more quickly, more accurately and often at reduced cost. In the modern marketplace, helping to make business more competitive is something we are extremely proud of.


Water jet cutting is kind on the environment.


The cut is made simply by water mixed with a non-toxic cutting agent.


Any waste created by water jet cutting can be disposed of easily and without damage to the environment.


We are proud to work with a  technology which does not negatively affect the planet.


Get in touch

If you have a job which you believe might be suitable for water jet cutting, please do get in touch. Big or small, whatever the industry or type of part being cut, we are perfectly placed to deliver as a leading UK water jet cutter.