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Quality Matters With Water Jet Cutting

As water jet cutting grows in popularity, inevitably more providers appear. How then can quality be determined, and what should you look out for?

We believe that there is no match for experience, this is true in most industries of course.

At TMC Waterjet we also believe that a proven track record matters, and when quoting for any job a demonstrable ability to show that similar jobs have been carried out well.

We are not the only high-quality water cutter in the UK, but we are one of the few.

We are one of just a handful to have universally five-star reviews. Some come close, averaging 4.7 or 4.8 out of 5 – perhaps they got one or two jobs wrong. Others rank far worse – 4,1, 3.8 and some even barely above 3 out of 5. This means that 40% of jobs left the customer dissatisfied, hardly a good strike rate.

Leading European Suppliers

Water jet cutting should never leave the customer dissatisfied – an expert knows what is possible and the suitability, or otherwise of their machinery. They will have carried out similar jobs.

The leading water jet cutters have multiple machines and these are of the highest spec. Some can take on the more complex jobs, cutting detailed three-dimensional parts, while others can race through simpler cuts. These still produce the highest levels of accuracy, but without slowing down the production line for other tasks. Deadlines are kept, parts arrive where they need to on time – and in perfect order.

Water jet cutting is growing exponentially every year, especially in some economies in Asia. It provides a huge competitive advantage and can be used from everything from cutting parts for industry, to food preparation and – as recently written about – medical interventions.

But, it is not every water jet cutting provider who is getting to work with Guy’s Hospital, or Formula 1 teams, or leading art institutions. It is the select few.

We are hugely proud of our reviews. We are just as proud of the repeat business and the thank yous we receive. We love the fact that a company based in the north west of England gets to work with clients around Europe.

Other leading water jet suppliers have similar stories too – and a desire to drive the industry forward. We invest in the best machinery, our employees are highly skilled, we live and breathe water jet cutting.So, when you are considering a water jet cutter please make this distinction. Separate the wheat from the chaff, make a cut as neat as the best water jet cutter. That won’t leave only TMC but it will leave a select few suppliers, and this is your starting point for seeking quotes.

Opt for proven quality and reliability – otherwise, run the risk of parts that aren’t quite up to scratch, or deadlines that come and go without parts delivered.

Work with the UK’s leading Water Jet Cutters

At TMC, we are a water jet cutter who serve the whole of the UK and increasingly Europe too, with clients across the content trusting us to work on their projects.

Despite our success, we remain a company that focuses on every client and work on projects of all sizes. If you think water jet cutting might be of use for your project, please do get in touch for an obligation-free chat.

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