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Songs Which Aren’t But Could Be About Water Jet Cutting

We’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent with our latest blog post – looking at popular songs which could be about water jet cutting (but perhaps aren’t)

The first cut is the deepest

This song must be comparing water jet cutting to laser cutting. The first cut is a water jet, cutting to up to 25 centimetres depth, after that it’s laser jets and their puny 2.5Cm cuts.

Question is, why would you switch? We’ve made a great first cut, now let’s switch to something much worse?

Great song though.


Cut the cake

Is this obscure hit by Average White Band from the 1970s about water jet cutting?

Water jet cutting was more of a nascent technology in the 1970s, there was no XD cutting, no 87,000 PSI water pressure to cut through sheet metal.

Perhaps cutting cake was challenge enough back then. What a long way we’ve come in 40 years – from cutting cake to cutting parts for Boeing.




The Best

There are many theories as to what Tina Turner was singing about in The Best. At last, we can solve the mystery.

Tina had recently been to a convention demonstrating new cutting technologies, with one stand comparing the functionality of laser against that of water jet cutting.

So clear a winner was the water jet system that it prompted a song. This song.





Harder, Better, Faster

Daft Punk have been at the cutting edge of music for more than a decade (bad pun for once unintentional) so it makes perfect sense for them to have also espoused the virtues of the leading cutting technology.

Harder, better, faster clearly pays homage to the benefits of water jet cutting – it can cut harder materials, it can cut them better (with no damage to the edge of structural integrity) and it can cut faster.

Years later, Kanye would build on Daft Punk’s work by updating the tracker and making Stronger, again his own take on the cutting edge of cutting edges.





Everyone remembers Gary Numan’s number six hit from 1979, don’t they?

Gary was ahead of his time, while just a few years earlier bands had been singing about cutting cake, Gary saw the bigger picture. Gary knew that water jet cutting was going to make the impossible possible.

Gary knew that one day water jet cutting would be able to cut complex three-dimensional parts, while laser cutting would still be limited to simple cuts of thin material. Water jet cutting, complex indeed.



Over to you

Which songs do you think have a link with water jet cutting – dare we say the more tenuous the better?

Head over to our Facebook page to have your say and post a link to the video, if nothing else it’s always nice to hear some great music.