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Specialist Water Jet Cutter Or One-Stop Shop Engineers?

There are water jet specialists and there are engineering one-stop shops where water jet cutting is one of a wide range of services offered.

Which should you be using for your water jet cutting needs?

As specialist water jet cutters you probably expect us to extol the virtues of the expert who focuses just on one skill.

Choosing A Water Jet Cutter

To an extent you would be right, we believe there are often strong reasons to recommend water jet cutters who do that and that alone, but we also appreciate that there are many wonderful engineering firm who provide a broad range of services.


In favour of the all-rounder

The all-rounder can carry out all parts of a major project. Water jet cutting might be just one process, there might also be a need for CNC machining and conventional machining.

The all rounder will be able to carry out tasks the water jet cutter cannot, that much is evident. The all rounder can also offer degree of convenience – if they can carry out every aspect of a job then that means only one contact to liaise with.

With an all-rounder, it will be easy to stay across the progress of your entire job.


In favour of the specialist

The specialist water jet cutter does not have the same range of machines or services offered. What they can do though is offer an unmatched level of water jet cutting.

Specialists Have Unmatched Experience

Being specialist means always having the very best equipment. At TMC, we have waterjets with a pressure of 87,000 PSI.

We also have XD cutting, this is water jet cutting that has heads that move through multiple axes, making complex three-dimensional cuts possible in just one cutting procedure.

XD cutting alone cuts down on time and therefore the cost of a job as it means secondary cutting is no longer required, cutting in one take also reduces the risk of imperfections being introduced in the finished part.

Expertise also means engineers who do nothing but water jet cutting.

Instead of it being a small part of their week, they are always cutting, and cutting all manner of jobs, from parts for industry to parts for artists and sculptors. Water jet cutting anything and everything.

The specialist is easier to compare on price and likely to be cheaper. The work is not included as part of a wider invoice, the transaction is clear – the quote is for the water jet cutting, nothing else.


The verdict

Once it has been established that water jet cutting is the best process for creating a part, the specialist water jet cutter has major advantages.

They have the experience, they have the better machinery, they can carry out water jet cutting both more economically and more quickly – after all, there is no waiting for the one water jet cutter to be available.

A water jet cutter cannot carry out all the processes of the multi-tasking engineering centres. However, if it is water jet cutting you need, the specialists offer a level of expertise and service that cannot be matched.


About TMC

TMC are leading UK water jet cutters with true cutting edge technology. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver any size of job – from projects for hobbyists through to contracts with huge multinational businesses.

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