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Tackling Misconceptions About Water Jet Cutting

Too slow for our job? It’s only used within big industry. It’s not as accurate as laser cutting…

We’ve heard a few misconceptions about water jet cutting, so let us help by setting the record straight…

Water Jet cutting isn’t powerful

Lasers have a lot to answer for. There’s a feeling ingrained in many that lasers are the powerful cutting technology, able to cut through metres of metal at a time with incredible accuracy.

The truth is somewhat different. Lasers can typically cut through 2.5 centimetres depth of material, water jet cutting can get through 10 times  that depth.

There isn’t any great secret to water jet cutting’s power – it comes from the water pressure. With more than 80,000 PSI going through the cutting head, the narrow jet is simply unmatched in terms of cutting power. Lasers look cool, but are somewhat lacking.

Water jet cutting is slow

We like to describe water jet cutting as accelerated erosion, but perhaps we should throw an extremely in there; it’s extremely accelerated erosion.

There isn’t actually much difference between cutting technologies when it comes to simple cuts. In any case, most of the time to complete a job isn’t the cutting; it’s the delivery and drawing up the plans for the cut.

When it comes to more complex cuts, water jet cutting can often be the quickest option. Modern water jet cutters (we put ourselves in that category!) have three dimensional XD cutting. This means that a complex part can be cut in one go, rather than being cut in stages. This modern technology saves time and money and reduces the risk of damage being caused in that secondary cut.

My job is too small for water jet cutting

Size really doesn’t matter. As with all other major water jet cutters, we are as happy to take on a small job as we are major projects.

Our jobs have ranged from working with formula 1 teams and leading UK brands to helping out a vicar in need of a new key for the church.

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life – we love getting a range of jobs, both big and small.

Water Jet cutting might damage my part

Actually,people don’t say this one too regularly,it’s included so we can brag!

Whereas a laser creates heat in the cut, causing micro abrasions which can affect structural integrity, a water jet simply cuts via erosion, no heat to speak of is created, no damage done to the material.

This is why industries reliant on safety such as the aviation industry are increasingly turning to water jet cutting companies.

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