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The Best Of Water Jet Cutting On Instagram – #waterjet

On Instagram, there are a lot of posts showcasing wonderful art and sculpture made by utilising water jet cutting.

To be precise, the hashtag #waterjet cutting produces more than 130,000 results. We haven’t looked at them all, but most seem to be images or videos of stunning pieces of work (admittedly some are videos of water jets being used to cut through strange items).

We thought we’d take a look at some of the best and embed the posts here.

If it inspires you for any projects, please do get in touch.

Read All About It

In this short clip, water jet cutting is used to cut out intricate lettering from stone.

The speed and accuracy are clearly visible, the water jet perfectly creating the smooth lines of the letters.

The company who ordered this work will have a logo or signage they can be proud of.

The Star Attraction

The stone lettering was impressive, but this next example goes to a whole other level of detail.

As you can see, the cut part is very detailed and is a complex three-dimensional shape that is not uniform all the way through.

This complex three-dimensional cutting is made possible by XD Cutting – a technology whereby the cutting head can move in multiple planes.

I’ve Got The Power

A common question we get asked is how much power does a water jet have and, more importantly, what can this technology but through?

A typical answer is that a water jet, with mixed abrasive garnet, can cut through 25 centimetres of almost any substance. We like to add that this is around ten times the power of laser cutting.

However, it is also useful to see this power in action.

These posts from Instagram show a water jet cutting machine making light work of a concrete slab.

Stay Safe Everyone

We were moved by this stunning piece of art created by a water jet cutting company in St Petersburg.

The wings pay homage to those forced to stay inside and reflect that we cannot spread our wings currently. As they say, the feathers come together so the bird may fly, so too must we come together.

Water jet cutting is primarily a tool for industry, but it is also worth remembering that it is also helping wonderful sort installations and sculptures come to life.

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Remember when we were allowed to fly? We’re feeling that wanderlust too. This collective effort to stay put is so impressive though. We are so proud of our St. Petersburg community for coming together to help each other out, and staying at home when not offering a helping hand. . This sculpture reminds us that we will soar again, but just as the individual feathers must come together to form the wing so that the bird may fly; we, too, must work together to beat the odds. . Pictured: Illuminated Pinion, based on the anatomy of a barn swallow pinion (wing), known as the acrobat of birds. . #sculpture #metalwork #metal #metalsculpture #aluminum #waterjetcutting #largerthanlife #teamwork #winged

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Putting The Boot In

This boot may not be all that it seems (click through the four slides) – but it is certainly a superb example of precision cutting.

Controlled by state of the art software, the video shows how the shapes were cut quickly and accurately.


Satisfying Flow

We mentioned at the start that some of the videos are of water jets being used to cut a range of unusual objects.

You would be disappointed if we didn’t include one example – and so here we are.

Cutting styrofoam is perhaps our favourite – it may not demonstrate the power of a water jet but it is oddly pleasing to see the process.



How Accurate is Water Jet Cutting?

Water jet cutting is used to cut parts for electronics, that gives some idea as to the accuracy.

So does this image.

This shows a part cut by water jet that is .1 x .256 inches and a two holes with diameters of 0.059 inches.

That’s accurate.

Add in the fact that water jet cutting produces no heat and so does not damage the cut edge and you can see why this technology is so beloved by those who need parts to be perfect.


Happy Halloween

We wish we’d seen this one a few weeks ago!

Not to worry. With a bit of downtime and access to some world-class water cutting technology, a company in Wisconsin did what any company in that situation would do. They cut a pumpkin to make a spooky smiling face.

We just hope they didn’t enter their effort into a competition – it would be a bit unfair. Here’s eight-year-old James’ effort, he did the best he could with a blunt knife. And now, here’s what our friendly local water jet cutters produced…


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How did that happen, Halloween came and went a few minutes ago. This is a classic, one of those videos that worked out perfect the first time. Every year, we think about ramping things up, but how can you top an Omax water jet system with A-Jet head? Crap, now it’s November and I know we have more pumpkin time lapse action to share. Marie has been working her pumpkin magic, or has a magic pumpkin, probably both and there is a good 3D printed pumpkin video floating around too. We should probably start thinking about a Turkey theme now. • Special thanks to our good friend Shawn at AyersTech Waterjet Cutting, for the amazing piece of machinery, which did it’s job so fast the Brinno time lapse cameras barely warmed up. Enjoy and Happy Halloween! • Time lapse videos make great content for your IG feed and project documentation. Tap the link in our profile for the latest in full-featured, long term, time lapse cameras. We are here for your questions and help is always a call or click away. • • • • #videomaking #videomaker #camerageek #timelapsecameras #timelapsecamera #timelapsephotography #waterjet #waterjetcutting #waterjetting #pumpkin #pumpkins #Brinno #pumpkincarving #halloween #jackolantern #jackolanterns #omax #omaxwaterjet #gopro #goprooftheday #halloween #goprolife #instamachinist #cnc #customfab #fabrication #waterjetcut #makersmovement #makersgonnamake  #makersofinstagram

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