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The Best Water Jet Cutting Video You Will See

How does water jet cutting work…. That is the question we, or any water jet cutter, gets asked the most.

It’s also a question we’re always happy to answer, we are one of the UK’s leading water jet cutters and so talking water jets is what we do.

However, some times you have to hold your hands up and say maybe someone has nailed it.

At the How Stuff Works website (makers of the Stuff You Should Know podcast among others), they produced a two-minute vid showing just how water jet cutting works and also why it is so good (it beats the other cutting techs, and that’s to use their words).

The video even uses superb analogies, like how you strengthen the beam of your garden hose to clean the patio (or maybe spray the kids!), or comparing the jet to a tiny fraction of Niagara Falls.

Really though, you just need to watch the video and so here it is…

Water Jet Cutting Video

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Can water jet cutting handle your job?

Without wishing to sound arrogant, almost certainly! Water jets can cut through almost any material and that to a depth 10 times greater than a laser can manage. Advanced water jets can also cut complex 3-d parts in one fluid motion.

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