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Three Dimensional Water Jet Cutting

Modern water jet cutting machines are capable of cutting complex three-dimensional parts in one fluid motion.

This cutting method cuts down on time, potentially expense and also ensures greater accuracy.

In this post we will talk about three dimensional water jet cutting, the advantages and embed a video of this technology in action.

What is Three-Dimensional Cutting

Three-dimensional cutting is also known as XD Cutting, at TMC Waterjet we were the first to introduce the technology in the UK and so are extremely well placed to talk about it.

The XD Cutting technology enables the cutting heads to move in multiple directions and tilt, and so any part can be cut in one go, rather than having to be cut in one direction, reset, and cut again.

This is relatively new technology and technology that only adds to the advantages water jet cutting has over other forms of cutting.

The Benefits of Three-Dimensional Cutting

The key benefit of three dimensional cutting is accuracy of the finished product. Because the entire process is controlled by advanced software, the head effortlessly changes angles to perfectly cut the desired part. 

This increased accuracy can be beneficial for the aesthetics of the part but more importantly for its integrity too. Cutting technologies are often used to cut parts for industries where accuracy and integrity of the part are essential, removing the need for re-cutting and reducing the number of processes is a significant advantage.

Three dimensional cutting is also technology that saves time and potentially money, while delivering a better final part. There are no downsides. 

The fact that the cut is delivered in one take cuts down on time, instead of being cut in one direction, then removed and then re-set to be city again (perhaps after a delay to accommodate other jobs), the part is cut all in one.

This process also saves expense, it is one use of the machine, less energy and time used, it enables the water jet cutters to fit more jobs in.

What Can Be Cut with XD Cutting

Water jet cutting is the technology that can cut through great depths of almost any material. Whereas lasers can typically cut through up to 2.5 cm, water jets can easily cut through ten times this thickness, 25cm of almost any material.

This means that XD cutting can not only cut three-dimensional shapes in thin material, it can also do this for large parts, all in one process.

An experienced water jet cutting business can talk you through your job and the suitability of XD cutting.

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

The fact XD, three-dimensional cutting only has benefits does not lead to lengthy web pages. There isn’t all that much to say – it can doo all the same cutting jobs only faster, more accurately and at reduced cost. What’s not to like?

Rather than us waffle on, wouldn’t it be better to see a video of XD Cutting in action.

With that agreed, here we go… (oh, and if you do have a cutting job to discuss, please get in touch. We remain the UK’s leading water jet cutters and take on jobs ranging from tasks for individuals and small businesses through to work for multi-nationals.)

Dynamic XD Water Jet Cutting from Nigel Stretton on Vimeo.