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Unlikely things that water jets have cut

What can water jets cut? Some things are obvious – sheet metal, plastic, parts for machines.

Some part are a bit less obvious. Here we focus on the latter…



Water Jets are increasingly being used by sculptors and other artists to mke great works.

We have focussed on this in previous blog posts, you can see some beautiful examples by following this link.

But, more recently, we have also made our own small impression in the art world. We might not be creative types ourselves but we have been trusted to make installations for two of the UK’s great galleries – the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Manchester’s Whitworth Gallery; the stunning Ghost Tree at the latter.



Water Jets are often used in food preparation.

It makes sense when you consider some of the advantages of water jet cutting; no heat is created in the cut, the cut is completely sterile and the head doesn’t touch the part being cut.


Store logos

Whether it’s Starbucks, colleges or modern boutiques; water jets have cut the high street logos for many businesses.

One reason businesses choose water jets is the complete accuracy; they want expensively designed logos to be recreated perfectly.

Want to see some great examples? Simply head this way…


Parts for planes and motor racing

Industries that require highest levels of precision cutting choose water jet as the go-to technology.

AT TMC, we have cut parts for Formula E, while thw likes of Boeing regularly use water jet cutting.

The reason, in part, is due to how water jet cutting has developed. It can complex 3D parts in one fluid motion and also cuts without creating heat, damage, or micro abrasions. In short, it is the most reliable cutting tech – important when you’re in the transportation industry.


But really quirky jobs too!

We don’t only take on the big jobs for the big industries, our water jets will happily cut through anything for anyone (well, within reason).

Most water jet cutters are happy to consider all sorts of jobs – one example we love to recall is cutting new keys for a local village church.

These weren’t your usual keys to be cut down the local key cutters of course, they required something a bit more specialist. We took the job on and to the delight of the vicar, his parishioners and us it turned out beautifully.


And the truly bizarre

Most water jet cutters do a range of jobs, but those jobs are at the client’s request.

A different approach is taken by a YouTube channel, where they cut all sorts of things seemingly just for the fun of it. Want to see them cutting a bowling pin – watch the video below.

Want to see them cutting a whole host of other stuff – head over to their YouTube channel.


Whatever your cutting job

If all the above shows you nothing else, it shows you that water jets can cut pretty much anything.

At TMC Water Jet Cutting, we are capable of carrying out any job from the smallest one-off task to repeat jobs for multi-national firms.

We were among the first water jet cutters to embrace three-dimensional cutting an have stayed at the forefront of this wonderful technology, using industry-leading cutting heads. Perhaps what really makes us stand out though is our experience, decades of working within this industry, whereas others have sprung up far more recently as water jet cutting has grown in popularity.

If you do have a cutting job, please get in touch with us today by calling 01625 610 441 even if you’re not sure whether water jet cutting is right for your job, give us a call as we’d be more than happy to chat you through the options.