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Water Cutting A Giant Slinky

While browsing the internet the other day – looking for the latest news about water jet cutting – we stumbled across an intriguing headline.

Is it possible to make a giant concrete slinky?

The obvious answer is, of course, no.

The obvious question is why would you want to? It’s not going to be good for the stairs is it as it makes its way down – or indeed any sleepy pets at the bottom.

However, we kept reading, As you do.

Why was this relevant to water jet cutting? The answer is that yes it is possible to at least make something that looks like a giant concrete slinky, even if it does perhaps lack a certain springiness.

It was only possible through water jet cutting, because water jet cutting is accurate, does no damage to the cut part and is also efficient. If you are going to waste (if that’s not too harsh a word) your money building a giant concrete slinky then you probably want to at least keep costs down a little.

If we think of the slinky as an art exhibit rather than a folly, then this makes sense. We have blogged previously on our work with artists and how by using water jet cutting it was possible to turn ideas into reality on a tight budget. Anya Gallacio’s Ghost Tree at Manchester’s Whitworth Gallery a superb example of this.

Admittedly the slinky that was produced might have been a bit lacking in slinkiness, but it looks pretty great.

It is also a project that is more fun to watch than to chat about in-depth, and so we have included the video below. Regulars to this blog won’t be surprised to learn it comes via the Waterjet Channel, the team who seem to spend their entire life cutting weird things with their water jets. Bowling balls, laptops, slinkies.


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