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Water Jet Cutters – New, Faster and more Economical

Watching our dynamic water jet cutting tools scythe through all manner of materials, it’s easy to be impressed.

They are state of the art, computer-controlled machines that guarantee precise cutting of sheet or plate metal.patentdrawing2

And, they possess an astonishingly high 87000 psi jet which mixed with an abrasive becomes an elegant cutting tool capable of refining the most resistant of materials.

It’s all very modern, very hi-tech, and completely essential for numerous industries now.

So,   it may come as a surprise to know that core jet cutting technology has been around for 57 years.

Always Improving

And like many things, looking to the past, indicates the future.

That continual evolvement and improvement will ensure the continued relevance of water jet cutting technology.

The man who started it all, the father of abrasive water jet cutting technology if you will, was an American called Billie Schwacha, who worked in the aerospace industry, as do many of our clients today.

Like many inventions, he was looking for a more effective tool to do a job following parallel advances elsewhere, namely in metallurgy which was developing stronger metals

As his patent for liquid cutting of hard materials laid out:

“The conventional methods of forming and cutting, such as nibbling, routing, sawing, grinding, and the like, have become extremely time-consuming, difficult and expensive, with no one such method being solely capable of satisfactorily producing a finished production part by itself.

Schwacha’s invention, however, was different.

It could do the job effectively.

He cleverly created a tool that cut quickly even the most resistant of metals by applying hypersonic water jets which also include an abrasive to carve through the new tougher alloys.

Schwacha correctly explained in the introduction to his patent drawings that the tool would be ‘new, faster and more economical’.

And that could well be the watchword for our idustry: where we are today is where we will be tomorrow.

In the spirit of our pioneering forefather, the estimable Mr Schwacha, here at TMC we continue to invest in technology that ensures that our water jet cutting machinery will always be newer, faster and more economical for you today and tomorrow.