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Water Jet Cutting and Higher Learning

When you think of one of Nottingham’s most famous names – a certain Robin Hood – you think of incredible accuracy and that ability to split an arrow from hundreds of yards.

Maybe, this is why Nottingham University has a water jet cutting research facility. They appreciate the accuracy this technology offers.

Water jet cutting at universities is a fascinating development in many ways. We think there are multiple benefits to more universities having water jet cutting machines, training and research.



Jobs in water jet cutting are likely to grow, especially if global trends are followed. In many regions, water jet cutting growth is exponential as businesses realise the advantages it offers to both accuracy and also turn-around time.

Operating the machines is skilled work, and knowledge is required as machines get ever more capable, with an ability to cut the most complex of parts for any application.

Whether it is college, university or other, helping to train up the next generation in skills that will be in use and of benefit is of obvious use.


Increased adoption

If the UK economy is to remain competitive it is essential that the right technologies are promoted. The vast majority of those at university will, of course, not go on to work as water jet cutters but that is not to say they won’t need parts cutting or work on major projects.

For someone to seek out quotes or information from water jet cutters they have to know this service exists and be broadly aware of the advantages. Seeing fascinating projects at their place of learning, even if nothing to do with their own courses, can only serve to inspire.


Environmental Credentials

The younger generation is rightly proactive with regard to protecting the environment and are at the forefront of demanding change.

Water jet cutting is the cutting technology that is by far the most environmentally friendly. The waste produced is just water and inert garnet. Quit aside from the fact it actually cuts better, these credentials alone would make it the technology to appeal to those currently at learning institutions. Having water jet cutting centres helps reinforce a university’s commitment to positive steps to boost the climate.


Developing Prototypes

Universities develop many prototypes and work on fascinating projects. Having water jet cutting on site gives greater ability to create these and to iterate.

Projects can be worked on with momentum, without a need for lengthy delays and the pace of creativity and innovation can therefore be enhanced. That can only be a positive.



The Nottingham facility leads the way in using water jet cutting in the field of research. The projects mostly have applications in the aerospace manufacturing industry.

Projects they have worked on include:

High accuracy and speed of cutting of titanium fan blade (12mm diffusion bonded prior to SPF).
Production and repair of combustors (applied to drilling and coating).
Removal of coatings and repair of components(in-service component strip and recoat).
Demonstrating high tolerance features.

Water jet cutting has a huge part to play in so many fields – from industry to artistic pursuits such as sculpting. It is wonderful to see learning institutions of all forms embracing our technology.

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