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Water Jet Cutting Appears in The Art Newspaper

We have to be honest here, we aren’t all regular readers of the Art Newspaper at TMC Waterjet.

That, however, might be about to change. Not only is it a fascinating read – who doesn’t benefit from broadening their cultural horizons – it also recently featured water jet cutting.

They profiled five artists to look out for and one of them, Jahday Ford, is using water jet cutting to turn his vision into stunning reality.

This is a theme we have explored many times in this blog. It is fascinating to see how the world of art is using water jet cutting evermore.

Why so?

We believe it showcases water jet cutting’s ability to be 100% accurate – after all, no award-winning artist or sculptor is going to accept a technology that butchers their dream.

However, the fact that our tech is also so affordable is so clearly key. Indeed, when we looked at Anya Gallacio’s Ghost tree, a project we were proud to work on, it was apparent that the project would not have ever come into being but for water jet cutting. No other tech could affordably create the sculpture.

And so what of Jahday Ford?

He is a Bermudan who relocated to Manchester in 2011.

On the Art Newspaper site, his work is described in this way…

“Jahday uses a lot of digital techniques to create his crafted works, so he uses 3D modelling software to create his designs then a CNC machine to create the moulds, then the piece will be blown in the mould to create the final piece. So it’s super contemporary and traditional at once.”

A single piece can sell for up to £4,000 apparently – this making us wish if only we had the artistic flair to create inspirational blown glass. We can do it – only we have to have the artist’s plans to follow – we cant come up with the ideas!

We are facilitators rather than creators.

Jahday’s work is likely to only grow in popularity – 2022 is the UN international year of glass – as we’re sure you knew.

Anyway, that’s enough talking about his work – here are a couple of images via the Art Newspaper site..

water jet cut art


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