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Water Jet Cutting – It’s All Around You

When walking down the street water jet cutting might rarely be at the forefront of your mind.

However, stop for a second, look around, the results of water jet cutting are all around if only you look hard enough! (a word of caution, don’t stop in the middle of the road to look around)

Those coffee shops

If you’re in a town centre there’s at least a 60% chance you can see a Costa, Starbucks or Café Nero right now –and a 30% chance you can see all three from where you’re stood. The logos for the coffee shops might well be the result of water jet cutting. Many high street stores use water jet cutting, as does any store which wants a true high-end look.

At TMC we’ve cut a fair few stunning logos, including this one for boutique …

Metal, metal everywhere

Door frames, building structures, cars, the ladders workmen are on, the tools they are using, the grates on the pavement. You get the idea.

Increasingly, water jet cutting is the technology used for cutting all types of metal parts. Water jet cutting can cut to a greater depth than other forms of cutting and can also cut more complex parts.water cutting London

If you can see metal near you there’s a pretty good chance it was cut by a water jet and if you’re reading this in the future, there’s an even better chance.

If you can’t see metal, you must be out in the country, reading on your smart phone, bits of which might have been produced via water jet cutting.

Quick! Look up

If you can only see clouds we’ll have to pass, water jet cutting clouds doesn’t really work – we’ll add them to tempered glass and diamond as the only things a water jet can’t cut.

But, if you can see planes then you’re looking at water jet cut parts. For example Boeing turn to water jet cutting for key parts, a sign of its incredible accuracy – unlike other technologies there is no damage to the edge being cut, no danger of the structural integrity being affected.

It’s the same reason formula one manufacturers have started to embrace water jet cutting – we work with a team ourselves, not that we like to brag.

Whatever it is, a water jet can cut it

Next time you’re out and about, maybe you’ll look around at all the things which must have been cut in some way and wonder if a water jet was responsible.

Or perhaps you won’t, but if you do need something cutting you should hopefully remember it’s worth considering a water jet!