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Water jet cutting: Cake and Water – Even Better Than Cake and Coffee?

We have written previously about how water jet cutting has created efficiencies in the food industry but, if we’re completely honest, the developments we have written about have not left us salivating at the mouth.

We have looked at water jet cutting salmon and water jet cutting asparagus – great for a healthy lunch, tasty undoubtedly, but not exactly a guilty pleasure.
Water jet cutting pastries, chocolate and cake though?

That’s a different matter.

We should at this point out that as the UK’s leading water jet cutters we would be only too happy to work with any company looking to use our technology to cut chocolate or cake. If you need any samples cutting let us know, we are also available for taste testing duties…

Moving on from that Parish notice, how are others using water jets in the production of the sweet stuff?

We were alerted to this use of the technology by the Hackaday site, they have actually pointed to a fairly old video – as they acknowledged – but it is still interesting in terms of showing how water jet cutting can be of use in the food industry.

The article and accompanying video showcases many of the factors that make water jet cutting so beneficial to food production. The risk of cross-contamination is removed as an inert water jet is used to perform cuts.

What really impressed us though is the YouTube page the article links to – the Watercut Pastry channel.


With a name like that, you know what you’re going to get.

The videos focus on a wonderful bakery in France and cover everything from the advantages that water jet cutting gives the owner through to examples of the cakes and delicacies cut through this process.

Lionel Raux, owner of the bakery, says the speed of cutting is ‘incredible’ when compared to what could be achieved by any other means.

As he says, the most delicate shapes and creations can be cut this way, thin layers of chocolate or meringue that look like they would break as soon as you touch them.

As Lionel says ‘we can’t now go back to working how we were’. Water jet cutting has transformed his business.

Much is made of water jet cutting’s ability to cut to great depth, to cut metals and other dense substances, but what the French bakery demonstrates is the incredible accuracy that is also possible – accuracy that surpasses other technologies.

You could argue that for large pieces of metal, while accuracy is important, a small margin for error might be acceptable. This is not the case for a bakery striving to be the best in France, where every customer buys with their eyes first.

Really though the fact that water jet cutting is accurate is not news – we have covered this many times previously. Instead, let’s all; relax and watch the videos of cakes being cut.

You might want to get a snack and a brew before you hit play though.

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