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Water Jet Cutting Cake – You Don’t Get to Lick The Knife

We think we may have found a flaw to water jet cutting – albeit one that will at least help those of us on a diet!

We have written in the past about how water jet cutting is used in food processing, cutting portions with effortless ease in a manner that avoids all risks of cross-contamination.

In a previous post we even looked at how water jet cutting can help a high-end baker make pastries of stunning design. The water jet is so quick it is as if the cake is not there, it does not lead to sogginess or edges being anything less than perfect.

What, though, is this flaw?

It was mentioned in a recent post on the Hackaday site in which they mentioned that the advance of water jet cutting means the baker no longer gets to lick the knife!

Maybe this should be enough to stop leading bakeries from using water jet cutting  – that said, would you want your baker to lick the knife and spoon and then get right back to making more cake?

Of course Hackaday are tongue in cheek, if not quite tongue in mixing bowl. For the amateur baker, licking the bowl is one of life’s pleasures – do be careful if licking knives though. It’s probably not advised.

On an industrial level, such concerns do not exist. All that matters is that a part – in this case a portion of food, or a pastry – can be made accurately, safely, economically and in a way that is endlessly repeatable.

After all, the demand for cake isn’t going anywhere.

Water jet cutting delivers. It is incredibly accurate and can cut complex parts in multiple dimensions. The process also avoids any physical contact with the food, creating a completely sterile environment. Water jet cutting is used in meat and fish production, vegetables, pastries and more.

Intelligent software can even minimise waste, working out how best to configure cutting so that the largest number of identical portions are made from any larger entity that is to be cut.

This can be applied even when there can be a large disparity between the source material for cutting – one example being how water jet cutting is used to cut portions of fish into fillets.

The flaw, it turns out, isn’t a flaw at all!

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