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Water Jet Cutting Can Tackle Dangerous Fires

“Science in the service of public safety is always a win.”

We have taken that quote from the comments section of a blog looking at technological advances, the post it is responding to focusses on how water jet cutting can help in the safe tackling of fires in enclosed spaces.

As leading UK water jet cutters, we find all the developments in our industry fascinating.

Water jets have obvious uses, cutting parts in a range of material such as metal and plastics.

Water jets are also used in more creative ways – by artists and sculptors for example (as we have blogged about in the past).

And then there are the uses that are truly transformative, not just reducing business costs or making it quicker to cut complex parts, but also potentially saving lives. The use of water jet cutting to tackle enclosed fires is one of those uses.

There is a superb, short video which looks at the advantages of using a targeted water jet cutting stream, you can watch below.

In short, the tiny opening does not allow oxygen to enter, and so there is no risk of the dangerous flash back. The water jet is forced through, almost instantly the fire is controlled, the temperate drops hundreds of degrees within seconds and the flames are reduced to embers.

The scene of the fire becomes safe for firefighters to enter – albeit with specialist equipment.

There are other advantages too – the amount of water used is minimal, so the fire can be tackled without the need to first find the source of a high volume of water. No foam is used. The fire can be initially tackled in a matter of seconds and there is no need for a firefighter to enter until the situation is under control.

As the first UK water jet cutters to make use of HD cutting – the ability to cut complex three dimensional parts in one fluid motion – we are huge fans of this use of the technology leading our industry.

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Can water jet cutting handle your job?

Without wishing to sound arrogant, almost certainly! Water jets can cut through almost any material and that to a depth 10 times greater than a laser can manage. Advanced water jets can also cut complex 3-d parts in one fluid motion.

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