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Water Jet Cutting Cutting Banal Objects

In this blog we have written about some of the amazing things water jet cutting can part. There are entire YouTube channels dedicated to putting our technology to the test, seeing just how thick a material it can cut, or to what depth.

However, we realise that this may make you wonder if water jet cutting is solely for the unusual or extreme.

Fortunately, the answer is no. Water jet cutting can cut through the usual, the everyday and even the mundane and banal.

Admittedly, you might feel this is less promising for viral videos, and yet there are those who have recorded water jet cutting being used to work on all manner of items you would probably find in your home.

And so, here are some of the more mundane items water jet cutting has been used for. The videos may not get millions of views, but they do show how agnostic water jet cutting is, how it does a great job no matter the item that happens to be in the way of the water jet and abrasive garnet.

Water jet cutting onions

Water jet cutting is used in food production, it can cut portions with incredible accuracy and is also renowned for its hygiene. The only thing that touches the food stuff is the water jet, and so there is no risk of contamination.

This video highlights another benefit too – cutting an onion without a single tear coming to your eyes.

Water jet cutting concrete

Find a big lump of concrete and what do you think? Most people might think of leaving it, or putting it in a skip, or, if really adventurous., turning it into some sort of garden feature.
But, why not cut it just for the sake of it?

That is exactly what the people running the Water Jet Cutting channel did. The cut is entirely pointless, but it does at least showcase the power of water jet cutting.

Water jet cutting sheets of wood

Cutting materials is what water jet cutting excels at, but for video purposes it is nice to see something fancy cut – maybe a stunning logo or intricate shape.

However, industry runs on parts that are less glamorous, yet where accuracy is every bit as important.

Cutting softwood sheets demonstrates this. No fuss, no thrills, just a material cut with perfect accuracy.


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