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Water Jet Cutting – Did You Know

How much do you know about water jet cutting?

You probably know that it is a technology that sues water, mixed with an abrasive garnet to cut through materials.

You may know that it is a form of cutting that does not damage the cut edge.

You might also know that it can cut to greater depths than other options.

However, unless you spend your entire working life thinking about water jet cutting, you might not have known that…

  • Water jets can cut up to 100 feet (30 metres). Usually, the jets will be cutting a part, such as a metal object, but they can also be used in mining applications. In coal mining, the technology has been used to cut to great depths, these by utilising high pressure through a one-inch nozzle
  • Water jet cutting aids road safety. During a summer heatwave, excess bitumen can create a smooth road surface devoid of grip. A specially designed water jet cutting machine can remove this build up and make the road safe once more
  • Some of the food you eat is likely to have come into contact with water jet cutting at some stage of the process. That water jet cutting is used for packaging might be relatively obvious, but did you know the machines can also cut food. It makes sense when you think about it – the water jet is sterile and accurate. We wrote recently about how water jet cutting has revolutionised asparagus production.
  • Water jet cutting uses surprisingly little water. Did you know that watering your plants will use more water than we require to cut parts for a jet airplane?
  • Water jet cutting also has remarkable force – our most powerful machine operating at 87,000 PSI. If you compare that to the most popular jet washer on Amazon, it is around 50 times there power – and this delivered through a tiny nozzle.
  • The technology has existed in forms since the 1800s, however it did not really become key to industry until the latter part of the 20th century as the breakthrough was made to mix abrasive garnet with water. Until that point, water jet cutting had been used only to cut thin, lightweight material.
  • Water jet cutting is controlled by state-of-the-art technology. This makes the machines able to run near-continuously and work day and night. If it can be drawn, it can be turned into a design for a water jet cutting machine to follow.
  • When you see art work, you could be looking at something where a water jet cutting machine deserves a credit. In recent times, we have produced work for the Whitworth Art Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum and also a public art exhibition in Switzerland. It is worth noting that we didn’t provide the creativity in any of these cases, we simply helped turn an artist or sculptor’s vision into reality.

Of course, water jet cutting is also adept at more typical jobs and these make up the huge majority of our orders. If you require any part cutting, please contact us for an obligation-free quote.

About TMC Water Jet

At TMC Water Jet, we are a leading UK water jet cutter with clients across the UK and, increasingly Europe. We pride ourselves on bringing unmatched quality to jobs of all sizes for clients across every sector.

We work with major industries, so too with artists and small businesses.

At our state of the art facility, we have high pressure water jets capable of 87,000 PSI, we were also the first in the UK to introduce XD Cutting, this a cutting head that can move through multiple axis and so perform the most complex, delicate of cuts in a single process.

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