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Water Jet Cutting Expensive Materials

Cutting expensive raw materials brings with it a concern that perhaps applies less to cheaper products – the cost of wastage of any extra wastage.

It goes without saying that wastage should be avoided on any project but if the material being cut comes at a cost premium this perhaps matters all the more. Any small wastage can equal a significant amount of money.

Water jet cutting has advantages in comparison to other methods such as laser cutting.

No Damage To Cut Edge

Water jet cutting does not damage the edge being cut, there is no heat created, no microabrasions.

The remaining material, from which the part was cut, is still all good to be used, there is not an issue of having to discard some of it.

This stems from how water jet cutting works, it is best described as accelerated erosion, rather than a cut created by heat or brute force.

The fact there is no damage also removes the risk of parts occasionally having to be discarded, this again saving raw material. If a percentage of parts cut by other technologies have to be discarded then this needs to be factored into the earlier calculations and more material is required.

Highly Accurate Cut

The water jet cutting nozzles are highly accurate and incredibly thin. The size of the kerf is less than half a millimetre and this leads to greater precision.

There is not a part being cut, with waste created along the edges and excess raw material having to be discarded. Instead, there is a highly targetted cutting force that cuts perfectly along the intended path, leaving the remaining material all good to be used still.

Per cut this might seem like a small difference, a little less waste created, but it matters hugely as you multiply it by jobs. Across 100 or more cuts, as multiple parts are formed, this means a huge saving in time, expense and also raw material.

Optimised Efficiency

Highly advanced software ensures that the best use is made from raw materials, with cuts planned in such a way as to make the remaining material as useful as possible.

Waste takes many forms and leaving uncut parts that are odd shapes and of no further use is of no benefit, modern water jet cutting ensures this form of waste is radically reduced.

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