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Water Jet Cutting F1 Parts

When you think of F1 (Formula1), you think of technology, innovation, precision and power. When the Force India F1 team came knocking we were understandably intrigued and excited.

We received drawings and detailed requirements which enabled us to produce a quotation for the production of a part which wouldn’t look out of place on the international space station.

The required part is known as a “Rake Frame”. The Rake Frame is mounted to the side of the car and holds sensors measuring air flow and pressure. Findings are collected and correlated against data recorded during wind tunnel testing. The object being to see how aerodynamically efficient the car is.

The Rake Frame would have conventionally been cut using a CNC milling machine but this process is time consuming and expensive compared to the efficiency, speed and cost of water jet cutting. The Rake Frame was cut from 25mm 6082 Aluminium.

Big Rule changes in 2014 means there’s an even greater need for Rake Frames during pre-season testing. New rules passed this year allows F1 teams to run the Rakes on cars during Friday practice sessions.